Need Advise. New with Huel, but doesnt feel good. Is it normal?

I have recived my first huel fews days ago. I was so exited with it and willing to try, but now i feel dissapointed because i dont feel good when i drink it and i dont know if its normal or just im no able to use it.

The first day i had received I wanted to try and I mixed with a blender 250ml of water with one full tap of Huel.
After it, i start feeling kind of bloated, and weird feeling on my stomach, as if i would like to vomit. And a lot of burping. I could not even had much dinner and it didnt go away until the next day.

I though that maybe it was too strong for me and I should try to dissolve without else than just water.
Today I prepare a smothie with milk (300ml ), 1 banana, and some walnuts and berries, and 3/4 of a tap of huel. But again, didnt feel so well and I even didnt finish the full pot because (althouhg not as bad as last time )

Is it normal? or maybe huel is not for me?

what do you think?
thanks for your advice

Hello - a lot of people experience bloating and gas to varying degrees when they first try Huel and this normally passes within the first week - you’ll find many of these kinds of stories in the forum threads.

So, to your point - yes its relatively normal and will subside if you stick with it - if you can without it being too uncomfortable.

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Hi Axl,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. It may be that you’re consuming your Huel too quickly, which can be easy to do but you want to have it over the same time it takes to eat a meal.

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Well, I havent took so quickly. Actually yesterday i drank the smoothie quite slow because i was afraid it get the same feeling as before.
So then you suggest to take it together with a meal? Im not trying to lose weight, but the opposite, to gain. So im ok with eating more. Not trying to substitute the meal with huel, but increase the number of calories i take daily.

thanks for both of your comments

I think you misunderstood there @Axl What @Dan_Huel was suggesting is to take the same amount of time to drink your Huel shake as you would when you eat a meal.
When you say one full ‘tap’ of Huel, do you mean ‘scoop’?

Yes, sorry, I mean scoop.
About the time, Im taking my time to drink it.
As well i feel kind of metalic taste on my mouth after drink it.

You may be experiencing indigestion or acid reflux, you could try:

  • Blend Huel well with plenty of water in a blender rather than using the shaker

  • Sip Huel - 2 scoops should take half an hour to consume

  • Do not consume hot beverages around the same time as you consume Huel

Please let me know if that helps.

Right now im using already this indications:

  • I use a blender and the proportion is 400ml x 1 scoop of huel
  • I take around 30 mins to consume.
  • I dont take any hot beverages

I will try to give a change to consume during a week with very small dosis ( 1 scoop max for 400-500ml ) and see if these sensations goes away.

Do you know what is the reason why all theses happens? why many people say it seems the body need to adjust to it?
By the way, im vegetarian. Although i dont think that may be the reason

When I first started I was having a burning sensation in my stomach that lasted around 10 minutes or every time I drank. This seemed to solve itself when I mixed in a banana or dial it down to 1 scoop with around 300ml of water. Apart from that I don’t have any issues, still drink a 2 scoop if I am working out but again add in a banana which seems to do the job.

Out of interest, which type are you using and flavour? There are plenty of vegetarians on here, I doubt that is the issue.

Nutrition is complex and without knowing more details it’s hard to say (bit of a cop out I know).

Common reasons:

  • As Phil mentioned drastic changes in diet like going from a low fibre to a high fibre diet can cause gut issues for some people

  • Consuming Huel too quickly - aim for around at least 15 minutes like any other meal

But do be alert if you get a rash, if your mouth itches or if you get any other symptoms that might indicate an allergic reaction to Huel.

But a short adjustment time is very normal. Try mixing huel and cooling it overnight before you drink it… a bit smoother then. Good luck!

My first few days led to some headaches etc. Basically though you get used to any change of diet that is healthy in good time. So stick with it and adapt to what works for you.

For me I do morning shake with a bit of milk but mainly water. Blender helps a lot. And ice. Sip on it not down the lot. Much better blender wise. I like the choc one.

For lunch I do the hot and savoury. You find a consistency which works for you in time. Flavours you prefer too. And a proper steam cup and extra time to steam is my advice.

Hi personally I cannot tolerate any sweeteners I am not sure why but even Stevia doesn’t sit right either. I also do not have a sweet tooth. The first bag of huel I ever had (first version) I had to give away as not only did it not agree with me it was too sweet for me.

I personally have unsweetened and unflavored and generally I add my own stuff to it and sweeten with date sugar but on occasion I do just have it with water. Just sharing in case you are in the same boat :slight_smile:

I only have water with my shakes and tend to have the Vanilla. I used to have unflavoured but the vanilla for me was just about enough to have on its own or mixed with frozen berries and/or with a banana.

Hey @Axl !

It sounds tricky to pinpoint exactly what the cause is. (The following text is my opinion/suggestion only, based on personal experience)

You could try keeping a food diary of your typical weekly food/calorie intake and see where you can fit Huel into your diet. Knowing your balance is key.

I’ve found whenever I’ve experienced discomfort with an associated food I develop ‘symptoms’ even though there is nothing medically wrong. Then I isolate that particular food and see what the effects are but try again with a positive mentality instead.

In your case, it may be just 1 scoop with fresh water, whilst watching TV. So basically it can be psychological sometimes and that’s fine! :slight_smile:

Two questions out of curiosity. Seen as you’re trying to gain weight;

  1. Are/Were you consuming protein shakes around Huel?

  2. Are you adding Huel on top of your weight gain diet?

The reason being is that if Huel is going to be part of your diet then it needs to be part of your TDEE also. You don’t want to strike macronutrient overload!!

What do you think on this? @Dan_Huel :smiley:

I think combining Huel with protein shakes or having something with a relevant calory density parallely would be too much, as one thing alone is filling enough. And feeling to full does not feel good.
If you want to gain weight pure carbs without protein or fibre are a better choice.

Thanks for your input Harry. I’ve given my thoughts above. Trying to self-diagnose and isolate is a tricky one and not something I can actively recommend - sorry.