Feeling sick after huel

I’ve just had my first Huel, 2 scoops and water and feel sick. I know your stomach is meant to feel a bit weird but really gassy and like I want to say hello to Huel again. Has anyone else experience this? I did have a look at other posts but the person mixed hers with coffee, I’ve had mine plain until my blender is here tomorrow so I can have it with fruit.

Not had that myself. If you smell in Huel in powder form does it smell okay? Maybe it’s gone off?

If you leave it for an extended period in the fridge it can be very very creamy, which I like. However, if creamy isn’t your thing I could imagine it being a little rich. Certainly fruit breaks that up, esp citrus which cuts the cream.

Did you drink it too quickly?..perhaps if you do so and overestimate the amount you need for your meal you can feel sick…and it could make you feel gassy.

I find it better to drink it slowly.

I do not get nausea but I often get a feeling of acid burning in my chest. I try to combat this by having it thinner (more water), sipping it slowly over the course of a few hours or washing it down with some (decaf) tea. If its really bad I have taken an antacid but try to avoid doing this regular.

@alllowercase are you doing Huel only or mixing with food. I find that when on a Huel only day I have no problems but when having a mix it can cause acid build up. I think the body produces a lot more acid to deal with more complex food, when on Huel it doesn’t need so much (just a lame theory)

I did on my first “meal”… it passed quickly for me and in retrospect I think it was psychological (having had bad experiences with protein shakes before). A “meal” or two in and I was fine!

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So to give an update. I think my body wasn’t use to it :slight_smile: now I feel fine drinking it and full for longer. Brilliant product and love it.


It made me feel ill as well. At the beginning I just had an upsate stomache which was ok. I just switched my lunch to a shake. When my first bag ran out and I begun a new one a week later, I felt ill around 4 hours after consuming the drink and threw up. I left it for a week to get my stomach in order and tried a shake for lunch again and felt ill around 4 hours after and threw up around 5 hours after. My stomach was terribly upset for a couple of days after again and I do not dare to touch it.

Sounds great for weightloss.