Huel making you nauseous?

Are you supposed to feel nauesuous after taking Huel for a few days? I don’t mind, it’s not as bad, but it does suck feeling sick to your stomach and like you’re gonna throw up. Will this pass?

No, of course you aren’t meant to feel like that.

Hi Nico, I understand how you feel. My stomach also had to get used to Huel the first time I used it. What helped for me was the prepping the night before, as suggested in their video’s I believe. OR my body just got used to it, and me thinking it was the night before prep hehe.

I might suggest not taking the “full” portion, and ease your way into it. I’m not reading that you didn’t like the taste, so for now ease into it until your body accepts all this delicious nutritious content :slight_smile:

I don’t take Huel Shakes anymore, I’m completely and utterly hooked on their hot and savoury… New flavours coming out and I’m instantly buying them to try it out. It’s insane how they can make me feel like I’m eating chicken while being vegan… Awesome work guys keep it up!!

Hey Nico, welcome to the forum. You seem like a pretty resilient sort of person! No we don’t want Huel to make you feel nauseous, but thank you for sticking with it!

My first thoughts are yes absolutely it will pass, unless you have an intolerance to something in Huel. @SGX suggests reducing the amount of Huel you are having and I agree. How much are you currently having? And how are you making it? Are you consuming it near to any hot drinks? This could lead to feelings of discomfort in your stomach.

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