Has anyone found huel made them feel/be sick?

I realise this is probably a strange question and possibly not something anyone else has experienced but I tried to do a two huel meal day yesterday (morning and evening) with a “normal” meal for lunch and enjoyed the huel as I have done for the past week. However I was woken up at around 2am with the strong desire to vomit… I didn’t although I think that was through sheer bloody mindedness. Since that though I have felt rather disinclined to eat at all as I still feel fairly nauseous. I’ve tried to have another huel shake but had to give up a third of the way through as it was increasing the nausea.
I’ve had nothing out of the ordinary bar the huel but have had no problems this past week substituting one meal with huel so I don’t really understand it.
Any ideas or similar experiences (and hopefully how you got past them) greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Sounds like a bug.

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Indeed. Sounds like a badly timed tummy bug.

It’s not a bug, I have this problem too. I was quite happy with Huel and having approx 140g a day with other meals. I stopped for a week while on holiday and when I tried again after returning I was more ill then I ever have been and was off work for 2 days.
I have since tried it and it gave me diarrhea. And today I tried just a small amount to see if it was that I needed to go back on it slowly. I have not vomited yet but Feel like I might and my stomach is very unsettled.
It’s a real shame as it was really helping me loose weight and I’ve got loads of the stuff left. My only thought is to throw the open bags I have and try one more time with an unopened one. I don’t believe I have stored it badly.

This is very strange.

I also developed some kind of “sickness” symptoms. A bit feverish and weak, in the end of the day I got quite heavy diarrhea… I also have an itching in my ears and throat… Seems like the dream of not preparing anymore plopped as fast as it arose!

Yesterdays trial did end up giving me diarrhea and totally draining all my energy. Open bags of Huel have now gone in the bin. Going to see if my mate that got me on to it wants the unopened ones. It’s a real shame as it was working so well but i can’t risk trying it again.

Seems odd to me, nothing but positive experiences with Huel.

Maybe share the batch number from the bags you’re both having issues with?

Was positive for me before this too.
Vanilla 2410 (1.2kg left)
Plain 2257 (0.3kg left)

I’ve been on Huel for nearly a year now, probably 80% of the time. In lots of ways my health has improved, but in other ways it has deteriorated.

Right from the beginning I’ve found that I’ve had very loose bowels and my normal regular pattern of toileting was gone. On a number of occasions, and for longish periods I’ve had diarrhoea. Over a period of time I’ve noticed a growing problem with intestinal pain and nausea.

I’ve had periods of weeks at a time when I’ve had 100% Huel, with no improvement. I’ve even switched to gluten free, with no change.

I’m having to accept that either I have some serious internal problem (which is being investigated), or there is something in Huel that is making me ill.

I’m very reluctant to give up on Huel, as in lots of ways it’s perfect for me, but if it’s actually making me ill, I’ll have no choice.

I’ve been scrolling through the questions hoping someone can help me.
I’ve only just started Huel I had one shake for breakfast yesterday and one the morning before that. Yesterday I woke with stomach cramps followed by diarrhoea then all the rest of the day I had bad tummy ache and felt sick, now I’m a bit frightened to use it again. I’m definitely having today off.

Joanne I’d have a few days off until you’re better then try it again. It is possible its a coincidence and that you picked up a bug around the same time you started Huel.

Was the seal on the bag intact?

Not sickness but a slight acid reflux which I have also just noticed I have started getting with some wines. It’s only just started to happen so I’m blaming age! Loving the Huel though.

I ama feeling sick. I left huel for a day after having really bad few days, and I was okay. I started again, having only 2 scoops a day, and I feel sick again. Idon’t really want to give up on huel, so I started to consume Omeoprazol to protecht my stomach, see how that goes… I’ve read about some people switching to gluten free and making things better, so I’m going to try to exchange my unopened bag for a gluten free one and see if it helps, because I’m having a really hard time.

Have been using Huel for several years without issue. Last two occasions, 3 to 4 hours after two scoops for breakfast, became hot and sweaty and began vomiting for about an hour. Then felt fine. Once could have been a bug, but two times on the trot and two weeks apart.

Thanks for letting us know and sorry to hear about your bouts of illness. Do you have any intolerances at all? Twice certainly does feel strange. I presume you haven’t had Huel since?