Terrible Sickness and Diarrhea

I’d thought I might share my experience as it may be helpful to others…

I started using Huel (original) a few months ago and quickly worked up to a 100% Huel diet. I loved it, adjusted really well, and lost a decent amount of weight over a couple of months. However, about three weeks ago, I was suddenly struck with a particularly violent bout of sickness & diarrhea that lasted around 72hrs. Putting it down to a bug, I slowly returned to Huel about three days after the symptoms had passed, but felt mildly nauseous after every meal.

Despite being a bit queasy (I figured it was just the bug lingering) I kept my usual full-Huel up for about four days before taking a five-day total break for a quick trip abroad. I felt great when I got back and went to give the Huel another try. I woke up the next morning absolutely crippled with the worst sickness, stomach cramps, dizziness, bloating, gas and diarrhea I’ve ever experienced. I felt like the ground was moving under me (almost like I was onboard a ship) and there was a seemingly endless stream of muddy water exploding out of my backside. I really didn’t know which end to point at the toilet for the first two days.

The whole ordeal lasted for about five days in total. Now I’m completely recovered, I summoned the courage to try Huel again today. I thoroughly washed all of my equipment, opened up a fresh bag and made up two scoops, plain. And then I threw up.

I’m so disappointed to have to give Huel up, as it was working so well for me previously, but my body can’t seem to handle it anymore. I don’t know if I’ve developed an intolerance to some of the ingredients or what? I’m not normally allergic to, or intolerant of, anything and I generally eat a fairly balanced and nutritious diet when I’m not on the Huel.

If anyone has got any suggestions, or similar experiences they’d like to share, I’d be really interested to hear them…

How awful! I went through a very similar thing when I had the noro virus. I would go and see your GP, I dont think its Huel related. Let us know how you get on.

This was my first thought…

Something has to produce a pretty damn extreme reaction to cause explosive diarrhoea and vomiting. That’s either a horrendous allergy (which it can’t be if you’ve used it in the past) or an extreme intolerance (to what? Gluten? Regular Huel already meets Gluten Free criteria).

I’m definitely thinking a persistent bug. Maybe stay on the solids until you’re better? I’ve always found fish, eggs and plenty of greens boosts recovery enormously if you can stomach them.

Could you have had Norovirus on your hands when you’ve used Huel previously, and the bag/powder is infected? I think Norovirus can live for up to 20 days on a surface.