Diarrhea after a few months of use

I was really enjoying using Huel and trying the different flavours. I loved the convenience and the easy way to get better nutrition into my body at lunch times. To begin with my stools were better than ever, but for some unknown reason after a few months of use I seem to now have either full blown diarrhea or very loose stool a while after each time I have Huel, which is preceded by me not feeling great. I’ve seen people have issues when they start using it, but not starting to get issues a few months in.

Has anybody else had the same and know any ways of combating it? I’m 100% sure it’s the Huel as I had a couple of weeks break and it was fine. I’m now thinking of giving up Hurl and returning the order that has just been dispatched for me if I can’t sort it out.

Do you use creatine?

No I don’t.

Hi you could try adding some ingredients to your Huel that help to bind you a little such as powdered peanut butter, oat milk or unripened bananas - make sure you are drinking lots of water too to avoid an increased risk of dehydration.

If you are particularly bad at the moment I would perhaps recommend taking a break for a few days to let your stomach settle with a bland diet. scrambled eggs are a great ‘sponge’ for soaking up any toxins in your stomach.

Have you noticed this since moving to V3.0

I’ve not tried any 3.0 yet. Been happening since maybe mid November. I thought it was work stress originally, but now convinced it’s not. Absolutely fine before that.

I guess it’s odd that you were fine and now have issues all of a sudden.

Therefore: It’s easy to blame the Huel… have you made sure to exclude other reasons? Ie using a different mixer? Eating sth else regularly?

Part from that there’s hope with v3.0, which has a strain of probiotic that helps with IBS, so in theory should also help with “normal” diarrhea (right? ^^’).

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Well I’ve been off it since last Monday now and haven’t had any diarrhea, so I’m not planning to go back to it unfortunately. I can’t think of anything else that changed whilst I’ve used it, and I’ve only ever used water as a mixer. I figure it may have caused some sort of irritation on my insides that increased over time. I could potentially try the unsweetened version to see if that helps, but sweeteners of any kind have never caused me an issue before.

I had this. I ended up cutting down Huel to once a day (3 scoops) and was fine. Are you making huel in a shaker? If so, how often are you washing the shaker in hot soapy water?

I’ve only ever just had 3 scoops for lunch each day, and I cleaned the shaker each night.

Oh, another idea:

Did the speed and/or the amount of Huel you have change? For example, if consuming it very fast it could more easily lead to diarrhoea, at least I noticed that after chugging it down in one go^^

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This happened to me, way back when. I’d started Huel and was feeling good. Feeling motivated. Then diarrhoea started a few months in. It settled down though, and I’m sure yourr’s will settle down too eventually. As far as I could gather, it wasn’t the Huel that was the problem, it was me (and thusly YOU)… You’ve massively increased your Fibre intake… And I was told that when you mess with your fibre intake, it can cause diarrhoea, either straight away or later. It’ll settle down when your body gets used to having good fibre intake.
So, if I’m right and that’s all it is, I’d stick with it. Give it another couple of months for your stomach to adjust.
Or maybe I’m totally wrong and it’s something else, or some sort of reaction to Huel.

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