End of the first fortnight - thoughts

I’ve been using Huel for a couple of weeks now.
I started off using a couple of scoops per day, then three scoops to supplement either breakfast or lunch, and I’m now having one four scoop meal and one three scoop meal per day, most days.

On the plus side, the Huel keeps me sated, I have constant energy levels which helps with my concentration.

The main negative “issue” I’m having seems to be a common one, and it’s toilet related.

Huel seems to cause me to have soft poo, not diarrhoea, but also not pleasant.
Basically takes a lot longer to ‘clean myself’ after I’ve been to the toilet.
Is this because of the high fibre?
Will this go away? Is there anything I can do to remedy this?

I started off similarly - day three and it was pretty explosive. I’m now the opposite, more often quite solid and the odd episode of constipation. I think I need to up my water intake though

How’s your wind?

I had to stop being 100% Huel and go and see the doctor due to my bad wind and problem poos.

Am waiting on test results to see if they can spot anything but I’m starting think it might be the high protein?