Huel Constipation?

I’m trying Huel for the third time (I think) and have hit the constipation and foul smelling gas stage again where I usually give up.

Before Huel I’d have to have a tablespoon of chia seeds in water each day to keep regular. This is about 6 grams of fibre I believe.

After a few days of Huel I haven’t taken a dump and the wind is sort of seeping out throughout the day.

I don’t feel like I need to take a dump but after a few days not doing one, I think I should’ve had one by now? I think this is causing the bad wind - all that ‘food’ still in my gut.

Any ideas on what I can do to evacuate the area?

I’m still taking the chia seeds - maybe I should up the dose?

I wouldn’t mind not taking a dump every day if it wasn’t for the Huel guffs. But the guffs make it hard to do daily life, go to the gym, exercise, etc.

I’ve tried adding oil to my Huel drinks which has been posted here to no avail.

Any tips?


Just to clarify; have you gone from regular food to 100% Huel? Just so I understand if we’re in a similar position lol :slight_smile: I started by just replacing lunch for a few days, then two meals a day (normally breakfast and lunch) and have stuck to that - so if you’re 100% Huel I’m not sure this advice will help! I found myself going days at a time without “going” and the wind problem too, so I started chucking chia seeds and bananas into my Huel (i’m having unflavoured) and eventually I got so fed up I bought some senoknot (less than £2 from sainsburys own brand). The pack says to take 2 at bedtime but I just took one in the middle of the day, two days in a row, and that seems to have got things moving and lessened the wind issue. Might be worth a shot! Good luck :poop::sweat_smile:

Start smoking. That makes you poo.

I kid, obviously.

In fact, I’ve had similar issues for nearly a year now, having just replaced lunches on weekdays with Huel. Not so much discomfort or wind (although occasionally I gas the household) but rather a lack of activity.
It worried me at first as I’m usually pretty regular but it’s probably just a case of there just not being as much “material” for your body to get rid of – most of it is essentially absorbed, AFAICT.

Bare in mind a good portion of the waste product will come out in urine, too.

@fshn_rld I ramped up pretty quickly to about 80%.

But I’ve tried it in the past going slowly and taking a few weeks to build up to 80% with the same results.

Thanks, will get some senakot.

I took a big dump today. It was pretty hard to get out but since then, hardly any wind. Well no more than usual in terms of volume.

I’ve had 2000 calories of Huel in 4 shakes today and no solid food and as the wind has mostly cleared, I think the lack of bowel movements is the problem.

@Broscience that’s a good point, although doesn’t Huel have a load of fibre in which is insoluble and won’t get digested?

Basically, if I can find a way to lay down a hearty dump each day the wind problem shouldn’t be so much of an issue!

I’m wondering if you should either lower the amount if chia seeds or up your water intake?

From what I have read they are good for both constipation and diarrhoea.

By that I mean that they can add more fibre to your diet therefore making it easier to go but, on the other hand, can slow things down as they absorb water - which is great if your stools are too liquid… :blush:

Hmm. Chia seeds help my movement and adding them to my diet did help so I wouldn’t drop them.

Maybe water intake could be raised though.

Hi, I’m a new heul user and have this problem.
Been having the granola for breakfast and 3 scoops for my lunch.
I have been going over my protien intake ( my fitness pal allowance)
Have been cutting it down the last few days but still have this problem.

Today is my 8th day on heul.

Did u find any way to sort it?

Hi Harrison. It often takes time for your system to get used to Huel. Are you drinking plenty of water?

I have been drinking normal amount for me but after reading some posts on here aiming for 3 litres a day now.

I was worried I might be allergic to gluten or something else in It, hoping that’s just me being silly.

Tomorow I was planning on having half a shake for morning snack then full shake for lunch the another half for afternoon snack to see if maybe I should just take more heul?

I drink around 2 litres a day, including the water/almond milk I have with my Huel. We’re all different. It should hopefully settle down soon.

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Thanks for reply

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Huel is really low in gluten in fact because it’s under 20ppm it’s technically ‘gluten free’ (the actual gluten free version is even lower, and tested and certified, that’s the only difference).
So just to put your mind at rest, you’re not likely to be having a gluten reaction.
For most people the issue is caused by a sudden increase in fibre intake, and building up very slowly (start with as little as 1.5scoops a day in plenty water) can make the transition more manageable

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Thanks for your help