Gives me the 5h1t5

Hi, started Huel a couple weeks ago - once per day for 4 days, then onto twice a day shakes since, but I’ve had to quit - it seems to go through me and come out as it went in - is this common?

Your bowels just need time to adjust - after a couple of weeks tops, your system re-acclimatises.

Mine never seemed to get used to the bad wind issues. Although I haven’t tried it for a while so many the new formula might be better for me?

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I’ve been exactly the same! Even tried the gluten free one to see if that made a difference. I had to give it away, I’ve started using Solo now and that works a lot better so I’m just going to stick with that

That’s interesting. Can I ask if you were experiencing any wind problems or just number twos?

No gas just toilet problems