Black edition - Bad wind

Hi all,

I have to query this because when I stop taking Huel the problem stops.

Basically, I started off taking one scoop a day and I was fine for the first week. On my second week I’m experiencing horrible smelling wind. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before and the smell is unbearable.

I do enjoy having Huel and there’s so much goodness in it, but I don’t enjoy the aftermath.

Is this normal and does it go away?
Is the standard version better?
Any tips?

I would love to continue, but I need a remedy for this because we all have wind I know. It’s when you can’t stand the smell yourself that it gets worrying. Plus it’s not fair on those I live with either.

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How much protein do you normally get in your diet?

Usually quietens down after a week or so if you’ve gone zero to lots quickly

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Not really. The only protein I get is when I have dinner but apart from that zero.

It just seems to have a lot worse since I’ve start having 2 scoops. The smell is horrific. At first I thought it’s clearing all the rubbish from my gut but now I have no clue what’s happening.

I have the chocolate version but I doubt that’s the cause. I’m just wondering if there’s a difference between the black edition and standard?

As Tristan helpfully suggested it could be the high protein which you’re not used to and after a while these problems dissipate.

v3.0 is lower in protein but it’s still high in protein.

The usual suggestion for ‘protein farts’ is to eat more fibre and drink more water, but Huel has loads of fibre… so maybe up water intake a bit?

Welcome to the unique Huel Farts Experience. We’ve all been there, especially with Black.

It’ll take a few days or weeks, but it’ll get better. Whether it’s because your gut gets used to the protein and fibre, or because your body disables its smell receptors as a survival mechanism I can’t tell, but after two or three weeks of not being able to sit with myself in one room the problems have definitely subsided.

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Maybe histamine is the problem. Perhaps it helps you to use a more neutral flavour.
If that doesn’t help you might consider taking Simethicone.

Trace winds from Hades. The Devil’s anal belching. Paint stripper fumes. Been there. It’s pretty common and goes away after some days or weeks. Since most work from home now it’s easier to go someplace to let loose. It will subside. They. Are. Awful.

This forum is frequently reassuring, but that’s another question (that I wouldn’t have raised) answered… :rofl:

Yeah I get it really bad with Huel black, it truly is horrific. Not just the smell, but the amount too. Thankfully live alone. I don’t have any of this with Huel white.
I’ve been eating H&S for two days and it would seem I’m getting it from this too albeit not quite as bad as Huel black

Have you tried putting ‘Farts’ into the search box @Colty? This subject comes up time and again when someone starts with Huel. In my case it lasted for quite some time but finally settled. I am fine with Huel now, including Black.