So who's still farting?

Cause I certainly am! :smiley:
Granted I mix it with Oatmilk so prob too much fibre or whatever, but even before similar experience.

Is there anyone for whom it changed?
If you don’t fart, state how much you actually have, cause if I eat very little it’s also very frictionless

I had a few weeks of fun farts when I first started on Huel. Now, nothing. :frowning:

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I did a week without Huel (I use Huel as a pre-workout shake - not considering it a meal - since I’m bulking at the moment and workout first thing in the morning, so I don’t want anything in my stomach) because I went back to my parents in Italy and didn’t want to bring a bag with me.
Came back and started using it again, and OMG, it was like the first attempts with it: farting all day! And let’s not talk about the morning stop at the bathroom :joy:


I never got wind after going onto RTD after a while of only having Mac and cheeze now and then

But the powder? Every time :joy:


My farting and gas lasted maybe 6 months when I first started consuming Huel. I’ve been regularly having 800 or more calories a day at least 5 days a week for years now and I don’t have farting or gas issues anymore.

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If I have a black edition shake and a complete protein bar in a 24 hour period I’m usually ok. However if I ever dare add a second bar, or an extra scoop then the most remarkable aroma stays with me for the rest of the day.


Only thing that works for me is taking 2 GasX type tablets after each shake. I have a Huel shake for dinner. I have switched to a Soy/Oat based shake for breakfast. I do not suffer from the Gas and bloating with that.

Lunch is a regular meal for me. Sometimes a Huel Hot and Savory with a Salad. I have to take the tablets with those as well. For me it is something with the Pulses/vitamin mix.


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I’ve just farted. Thanks for listening


It never went way for me!

I’m about 5 years deep and it still causes really bad wind (smell, sounds, and frequency).

That’s on the black and white.

God knows what’s in it that does it!

I wonder how many people stop buying it due to this problem?

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These ones?

What do they do exactly? Do they stop you farting? Where does the gas go?

I think they sell it to National Grid.


I was drinking a shake daily for lunch for 6 months and the gas never went away and got way worse. I mostly drank black edition but also some v3.0.
I stopped about 3 weeks ago and within 2 days no more crazy gas. Since then I’ve been using Redcon1 MRE shakes and have had no gas issues.
This morning I mixed up a vanilla v3.0 and have it in the fridge for lunch. I’m going to try sticking strictly with v3.0. If gas comes back I’m done with Huel shakes for good.
Edit: yeah I’m done with these and sticking with ones that don’t mess up my stomach


Gas-X contains simethicone which acts on the gas produced in the stomach and intestine to help reduce pressure, bloating and fullness . It breaks up gas bubbles in your stomach and intestine. Once this trapped gas is broken down, your body can then deal with this gas naturally.

I take 2 after each shake. It works for.

For most people any issues resolve themselves over a few weeks when the gut microbiome has adjusted. Something like Beano or GasX may work or try dialling down your Huel intake and then working your way back up.

Also the fibre in milk alternatives are normally from an added fibre source which adds to the problem.

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HB for breakfast / lunch (with water)
HP and standard bars.
4.5yrs of Huel now!

“The Sharting” lasted a couple of weeks initially.

Discovered I was lactose intolerant, which has made a huge difference; use coconut milk now.

Lactose intolerance is much more common that people realise - worth trying 48hrs dairy free for anyone with persistent GI symptoms.

(Huel is dairy free; but I’m not doing 100% Huel!)

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Good to hear I’m not the only one haha :smiley:

Interesting how for some it stops, but for others it goes on forever!

My only consistent factor that makes things worse is the amount. 2 shakes are usually okay, 3-4 is the danger zone :sweat_smile: :joy:

I usually take Huel Powder for breakfast and Huel Black for dinner replacement. Massive farting mostly ceased after around 6 weeks. That also means that I’ve slept in the guest room for six weeks :slight_smile:

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You know I find the opposite. I find once my guts adjust to huel I never fart.

There is always the adjustment period between eating food and eating huel where my guts and bowels do all sorts of weird stuff… but once I’m on huel I’m fine.

Admittedly I’m eating 100% huel and almond milk so that’s something to consider.

Had a lot problems with bloating/farts initially. Now it’s absolutely fine, BE shake 3 scoops with water and an RTD every day, consistently. Bowels have never been better, I love Huel for it.

As Black Edition offered more and more flavours, I stopped using the flavour boosters/adding fruit. Just pure BE powder, that’s when the gas problems stopped very quickly. So that may have made the difference.