Let's talk about... farts!

Ever since I began using Huel I have grim flatulance to the point I am afraid to move around in public. Regardless of if I drink one a day or all meals a day. Is there a fix to this? I was hoping it would pass with time but no luck 2 months in :nauseated_face:

Disappeared for me in around 2 months. Wait till you go 100% :smiley:

Oh so this is a thing. I’m a week in and I’m getting trapped wind feeling, uneasiness, stomach aches. I’ve tried swapping breakfast for lunch, tried new and original, tried including other foods such as a banana but still getting it.

Yes, I’ve had to abandon Huel about 3-4 times now.

I’ve tried it every now and then over the years, just in case the recipe changes or my gut has improved.

But it always kicks in after a week or two (depending on slowly I take it).

I think with me, it is the constipation it causes, which then causes the blockage and then terrible Huel guffs.

I’m tempted to try it again, as its been a few months, but I know what will happen!

I’ve tried adding oil, adding seeds to add fibre, taking probiotics, enzymes, nothing works!

Have you tried one scoop instead of three scoops to get into it gradually? When I had it, I reduced 3 scoops to 2 scoops.

Maybe it’s time to accept the farts. You may even find that, much like Huel itself, it takes a while to get used to, but suddenly you realise you’re in love. In fact, I remember reading an article that said that inhaling farts is actually good for you. Sounds funny, but is actually fascinating stuff. Then again, maybe I dreamt it.

Nope. Here it is.

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I was in a posh gift shop today and they have some very funny cards, including Xmas cards. It’s quite a posh area with a high proportion of oaps, but apparently the cards are very popular, they haven’t had a single complaint, and the ruder cards sell quicker than any other. The man behind the counter was really enjoying himself reading out all the swear words to me. My personal favourites were…





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