Newcomer : farting disaster :-(


I’ve been on Huel for more than two weeks now and I experience this fart / flatulence / disaster. I have read a lot of your posts about this issue here so, thank you guys :wink:

I must say I am now loosing hope it will get better. I use one Huel meal a day only, no more ; I’ve added coconut oil as suggested : didn’t help ; I take probiotics for a week now : no change.

My guts are transformed into a fart machine and oh boy, no one can approach my place now ;-(

I have lactose intolerance and my body reacts to Huel exactly the same. So I wonder if I should apply to Huel the same decision I had to apply to cow milk products : stop it.

I must also say that I had - previous to Huel - a pretty healthy diet ; I ate almost no processed food and a lot a vegetable.

You here are my last hope : should I wait longer to see if my body adapts to Huel ? Or just get rid of it.

Thank you guys.


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I think you’ll find that it improves over time. It did for me. Your body takes time to get used to a new food.

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How much Huel are you having? Maybe try cutting down a little and introducing back up gradually?

Here’s my tricks: use as much water as you can to taste (500ml or so), leave your shaken Huel open in the fridge for at least 10 minutes before you start drinking it, spread it out over a while (I aim for 45-70 mins), and pop a few Beano with your first sip.

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I don’t know about a few, but yes, Beano helps. So long since I needed it, I’d forgotten.


I have 125g once a day. In the beginning I also had 2 scoops in the afternoon but I quickly stopped this take.

Yes, maybe I should use once every 2 days for’a Week and then increase gradually.

Thanks for your help.

Thank you so much for the tips. I had no idea this Beano thing existed, we don’t have it in France. I ordered it from AmazDevil ah ah and will let you know.

Merci bien :wink:


Anyone tried Quest enzyme digestive aid tablets? Was thinking of getting some.

Not yet. Keep us posted.

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Good luck mon pote. I also saw someone recommend not eating fatty foods later in the day if you’ve had Huel for lunch, for example, so I’ve stopped eating avocados late in the day (I didn’t really eat fatty foods otherwise anyway). I don’t know if that’s also helping but the Beano has saved my marriage. :laughing: You know it’s bad when even the dog slinks out of the bedroom…

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I had severe issues even coming from a vegan diet

Looking back, it took somewhere between 4 and 6 months before my body fully adjusted to Huel. Gas has decreased to normal levels and the smell is what it used to be (not that it’s good or anything though…)


Thank you. I’ll stop eating tons of French fries in the evening to compensate my Huel lunch ;;-))

The dog seems to be a good signal indeed :slight_smile: I’m thinking of putting a note on my door to tell my neighbors ‘there’s no corpse in here, I just eat powder and water’.


Thank you guys for the enzymes tip. I helps a lot even if it does not solve completely the problem.

Which worries me. I have a healthy diet, eat a lot of vegetables and almost no transformed food. I’m using huel to keep and good diet when outside.

I’ve read that adding enzymes might help when eating processed food in which they are absent ; in my case it seems my body reacts that way Huel and I’m not sure high fiber content is the problem, since it eat a lof of vegetables.

I’m now worried about overall digestibility of Huel.

What do you guys think or experience ?

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I think with most people their digestion settles down after a while. Mine did. I eat quite a lot of vegetables but oats and pulses were not a regular part of my diet so I could have been adjusting to that.

I guess you’re right about the peas issue ah ah. Let’s see. Thanks for your help.

This is my favourite Huel topic. For me the gassiness was the main thing that I noticed. Increasing significantly! :nose: The smell was/is noticeable worse than pre-huel! My BMs were very variable over the first 2 weeks but have mainly settled now to an interesting consistency with reasonable regularity!


Ah ah yes, at least we can talk about it, behind our screens :slight_smile:

After one Huel a day for a month, it has not really stelled down for me, but I’ll keep on praying all Huel divinities :space_invader:

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Nope… It doesn’t … two months and counting…

I still have Huel farts after 4 months :woozy_face: Hasn’t put me off Huel though :grin:


Hhhoouuu, that’s scary. I’m not sure I will go on for another month if it does not stop :scream:.

Merci les amis.

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