When does the farting stop?

Been on Huel powder for breakfast and lunch over a month and at first if I had nuts as well during the day it gave me the runs, so I don’t eat nuts anymore, now if I eat or drink anything after Huel it makes me fart for hours.

Excessive gas is measured if you fart more than 20 times in a day, on Huel I’m farting 20 times an hour - it’s really embarrassing.

I’ve read you can fart a lot in the first few weeks with Huel, when does it stop and are there certain foods that affect Huel?

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Know the feeling. I imagine we all react differently, but my guts are starting to settle down now. Much less farting after 7 months on Huel :grin:

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I started early January and it’s already getting less now, as Bee says we all react differently.
It will settle but might take longer for some.

When it comes to things such as acid reflux, yes, as is discussed a lot.
For farts/stools, I’m not sure if there is anything other than the food that would
already affect farts/stools.

It has never stopped for me


I’m a repetitive poster on this topic, assume this is either useful or tres annoying.

I had major problems with gas, at the nuclear level.

After huge amounts of experimentation with different products, supplements and ways of consuming I came to the following conclusions

  1. Protein bars such as grenade were my major issue, they have chemicals within which are negative on your gut, and I was sadly having these in parallel to Huel
  2. Standard Huel, as opposed to Black edition, blocks me up and causes gases. Black keeps the system working
  3. Alcohol and Huel cause Gas

I still have an open question for myself on whether adding extra flavouring to vanilla flavour standard caused me issues, but I’ve had enough experimentation to look into this properly.

Everybody is different but I’ve now found my sweet spot

  1. Black edition
  2. Avoid Huel close to alcohol consumption

It sounds like you’ve kinda worked out what does and doesn’t work for you, that’s great to hear. So are you just sticking with the Black Edition now and not having the problems you were before? Thanks for the update!

No problems whatsoever! Black once a day and an RTD for lunch every second day! Loving it

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When I searched the internet for that topic the main recommendations were various spices. Theoretically it should also help to lower your protein uptake or decrease the fiber content. Maybe black edition is lower in fibre.

What I always found extremely helpful is simeticone. If nothing else works, this will - it is just not really a long-term solution.

I’ve had to dial down my Huel intake… because of the gas :frowning:

I’ve posted loads of times about crazy ways to try and combat it…

Nothing fully works for my gut perfectly…

I’m now currently running with

  1. One Huel a day
  2. Black seems to be much better than standard

After watching Seaspiracy I’d really like a solution! I’d jumó my intake massively!


I don’t seem to have any issues when I do one a day however, if I have days where I have two a day (maybe a shake and a H&S) than make some room people!

Two quick options:

  • Use a blender for Huel.
  • Add some oil, such as olive oil.

Or both at the same time.

I have that problem too, and after 2 weeks of Huel powder for breakfast and H&S for lunch I think it’s starting to ease off :crossed_fingers:t2:

I didn’t have any gas with Huel Black edition, although now i’ve started to add in H&S at lunch that has really kicked it off. I think i’ll have to finish the 3 bags of H&S that I have now that i’ve bought them but I can’t see me buying any more. Probably will just stick to BE.

Hi Bruce,

Just a few questions:

  1. are you gluten intolerant? Reason for asking, Black has no gluten and standard has or you buy the gluten free (more expensive) version. Also if alcohol is making it worse, have you tried gluten free alcoholic drinks?
  2. have you been tested for IBS? Reason, Alcoholic drinks can cause IBS to spike.
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My experience is similar to most. When I first switched to Huel, I went all in and replaced all meals with it. During my first month, the gas was defiantly a unique experience but settled after a while.

After being on Huel for over a year now, the gas is back to what I would say was normal. I guess my gut bio has adjusted because the only bad gas experiences are now on my cheat days (one day on the weekend). A few hours after eating a regular meal, I’m bubbling and making music. Again, must be an upset in bio causing it.

One thing that has remained consistent is the odor. Very unique. Enough to make the cat give me looks of disapproval anytime the wind picks up. Thank god the warmer weather is coming so I can keep the windows open for air.

If you want a quick solution, try simethicone. It works wonders against all forms of intestinal gas. Active charcoal is another solution - it may impair vitamin and mineral absorption, though. Or healing earth. These are of course no long term solutions, but in the long term you can expect to adapt. Nevertheless you need a short term solution, at least if you leave your home and meet people occasionally.

Have you looked at the rest of your diet? I’d consider working out your daily intake of fibre and also consider the foods you’re eating. For example, high fibre foods like beans on top of Huel could be one cause of excessive gas.

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It never stops!

It might quieten down for a bit but can then ramp up again.

I’ve just had to have a few weeks off Huel as it got to the point where my relationship was at stake.

Since then, I’ve been eating a very low protein standard English diet (lots of toast, cake, crisps, and general crap) and my wind is non-existent.

I’m going to try and reintroduce Huel again and see how it goes.

I’ve been having Gluten Free White but might try only Black when I make my next order just in case there is a difference.

I always blend my Huel and have it with water.

I love Huel and would gladly live off it 100 percent if it wasn’t for the toilet issues.

I don’t drink alcohol for months at a time so it’s not that.

Personally I think it’s a protein thing for me, but who really knows?

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Really that bad?

Your partner must be amazing if you picked him/her over Huel! :smiley: