Constant gas :/


Anyone else experiencing near constant gas that can get quite smelly?

I’ve been using huel for almost two months now either replacing 1-2 meals a day with odd days (mostly weekends) completely huel free. I know it says to expect some bowel issues for first couple of weeks but I’m still on the gassy side.

Luckily I’m on the tail end of my maternity leave so most of my gasses are let off in my own home lol but I was hoping to carry on with huel when I go back to work but don’t think I could subject the office to some of the smells :smile_cat:

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Thanks for the post! Great to hear you’re using Huel but sorry you have been experiencing such persistent flatulence, due to the high fibre content of Huel this can happen. It seems that everyone’s experience of this is different. It might be worth reducing the amount of Huel you’re having each meal for a few weeks to see if this helps at all, then steadily increasing it again.


I wonder if it depends on what I’m also eating for my ‘solid’ meal. It’s seems that it can come and go or seems resolved and then comes back again.

Yes, I did in the beginning but it wore off :smiley:

Experienced this at first, but no longer. I would recommend activated charcoal or fennel to help with digestion.

I had terrible wind, then started taking a probiotic yoghurt each day and it stopped it.

Like 6 months later I ran out and was too lazy to buy more and the wind came back, so I keep stocked up again now.

I’ve been getting really bad eggy farts in the evening but I think it might be down to whey protein as well. I remember I had a whey shake around 3pm and the evening was egg hell. Yesterday no whey and no smell. This evening after the same meal as last night I decided to have a whey shake as my meal didn’t contain much protein and an hour later the bloat and bad farts are back!

I add a scoop of whey with my morning and afternoon huel and no issues but guess that’s due to the added fibre slowing the whey down.

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