8 months on huel not so fantastic


When i discovered huel, i felt relieved. Cooking, doing groceries has always been a pain to me.

Unfortunately. Even after 8 months, switching to gluten free on my last order, i’m still having a hard time with the abusive farts and constant diarrhea.

I’m probably gonna stop the experience after I’m done with this batch which is very unfortunate. I had no problem living off the product 3 to 4 times a day.

Aw - that’s a real shame!
Have you tried eating at least one meal a day that isn’t Huel?
Maybe that would help?
By the way - I like the term ‘abusive farts’ and can sympathise with you there!

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Yes, i eat other foods from time to time and it immediately reflect on the rest in a good way so i guess eating full time huel isn’t working for me.

At least you gave it a good try! :blush:

It’s pretty much deadly fart central for me as well. I’ve heard some people have a hard time consuming alot of flax? maybe that’s it?

From my experience, it could be largely up to personal dietary preference before.

I am a part-time vegetarian (flexitarian?), poultry and red meat never attract me much.

While a friend of mine on exact opposite of me, recently started -lent drinks, is going through syndromes as body detox like there is no tomorrow.

Well, i’ve been vegan for some years before huel so i guess this might not been the issue. :pensive:

Whenever I consume Huel all day, I get bad diarrhoea.
For me two meals a day is fine but a third and I struggle. I might need more of a build up before I can consume more.

Sorry to hear it hasn’t worked for you after so long

I’ve been using Huel (and other Soylents) for 2 years but my gut has progressively worsened on it.
I think the problem for me is digesting raw oats. Results in various levels of diarrhea/IBS.

Last month I switched to KetoGenesis Vegan, which is very low carb & has no oats - perfect digestion.

Weirdly, when I bake Huel into bars - there is no digestive problem, as cooked oats are a lot easier to digest.

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I am quite new to Huel, first order was late last year. Have been having it for my dinners at night, 3 scoops of Huel and 2 scrambled eggs Monday - Friday. Early Last year I experienced bad digestion problems (before I had started Huel) gas, brain fog, constipation, discomfort after eating, poor skin and much more. I was only 29 and no history of family IBS or anything. My massive breakthrough was digestion supplements, personally I went for HCL with pespin but you can also take apple cider vinegar and other things. Turns out I had low stomach acid so these helped me get back on track then I decided to try Huel in unsweetened gluten free form as I have now adhered to a practice of keeping things as simple and natural as I can as my gut will thank me for it. My feelings are that Huel has only furthered my progress in healing my gut problems. Next week I will start to take 2 scoops of Huel in the morning as well as my 3 at night and see how I go.