The Gas

It’s been a couple of months now but it’s not gone away. Anything you can recommend to deal with this?

You’re having issues with the smell or the amount of it?

Both I mean it’s kinda stinky and there’s a lot of it.

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I see. Many seem to get relief by drinking more water so you could try that. I found probiotics to make the smell less terrible, specifically plantarum 299v (10 billion)

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How much water?

Have a read of this: Are your farts normal?


Water has helped a lot today.


I’ve always been windy anyway and I can’t say huel has helped this :tornado:


Edit: In truth, I haven’t had that much of a problem :laughing:. (My diet is probably about 50% Huel)

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This is actually becoming a serious problem for me with Huel. I’m 5 months in on 1 or 2 meals a day and the farts are still a) frequent and b) absolutely awful.

I blend the night before and keep it refrigerated, which from other posts seems to be the optimum way to reduce gas/stomach issues. The only change in my diet has been Huel so I’m sure that’s the cause.

In the office I really have no choice but to hold them in as the smell is truly hideous, but that just leads to horrible stomach pain/cramps.

Have you tried drinking a lot of water? My Huel intake is about the same as yours plus I have a fruit smoothie with vegan protein for lunch along with a sandwich.

And since I started to drink a lot (and urinate a lot) the gas has calmed but I’m having to piss like a bastard.

I seem to remember adding some (good quality) oil has been recommended by a few peeps. I though the overnight the fridge is for taste and texture.

Charcoal tablets helped me a lot until my digestive system got used to Huel.

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Today I’ve had Huel granola, lunchtime Huel shake, baked beans on toast with a couple of eggs on top and half a Huel bar for afters. Definitely Billy no mates tonight! :grimacing::mask:


@Bee :rofl::rofl::rofl: even the dogs are gonna leave the room. :dog2:

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I reckon so. They can’t compete with all that :rofl:

That’s a different definition of a Friday Night Blast :rofl:


LOL @ChrisH0402 :laughing::laughing::laughing:

I thought the lounge was a bit pongy tonight @Bee I thought it was the drains…

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