The windy topic!

Just an update on something that is reviewed a-lot - the really smelly wind some people get using huel.

So when I started with Huel, it was bad. It did get better and it did get better if I blended Huel with flax seed. If Huel was the last thing I ate that day, it was totally fine. But if I was having Huel and going out socialising, Huel was a 100% no go that day.
I quit drinking in Jan. Now my drinking could vary from a few Friday drinks once a month to socialising every weekend and or a wine in the week. Anyway it was derailing my fitness goals so I quit.

And there is no more Huel wind at all! If I consume it for breakfast or lunch followed by an evening meal - at home or out - no huel wind.

Now I’m not thinking its as simple as booze caused the problem but more likely that alcohol inflamed, my gut /stomach lining/gut biome or what ever and that effects how I processed Huel and now my gut has healed my body can deal with it.

Everyones different, and built different so this is just my experience.

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I’m really pleased to hear that! :pray:

As you say everyone is different, but we’re glad you’re no longer experiencing those issues.

That’s winderful news.


I expected nothing less :joy: @hunzas

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Mine is “similar” ish. I only eat Huel Monday to Friday, then switch to normal food Saturday and Sunday. However, like clockwork, when Thursday comes around, well, we call it Huelday, open the windows and break out the air freshener.

We are switching more and more to the savoury huel, as we know the sweet huel is the culprit. The standard white bagged huel has the award for the largest gas production, huel black not so much.

Now for REAL gas production, nothing comes close to the original v1 white bagged huel from a couple of years ago. :blush:

I think it’s the gut being too free and empty compared to what it’s used to, what do you think?

ahhh I remember the good old days! Although I will say TMI and from personal experience I find RTD has that impact on me from time to time, but I’ve always been fine with the powders (with the exception of the OG powder) so it’s interesting to hear how different food can affect that area :eyes: :wind_face: