Some feedback (good & bad)

Hello fellow Huelers!
I’m a frequent Hueler since the beginning of 2019 where I started with a few pouches and trying out different tastes and mixes and later basing my daily meals with 75% Huel every day (~1500 calories) and the rest on “regular” plant based foods.

This has been a really nice experience and has helped me function better in everyday life since it saves so much time and energy (and gives you more long lasting energy as well).

My stomach however is pretty sensitive due to Crohns and after a surgery I went through a few years ago so i’ve had to experiment a bit to make it work. Like many others i’ve seen in the forums about the windy effects of Huel, so have I and what personally worked for me was mixing U&U with whichever Huel taste you prefer. For me its the original that has the best taste but its quite sweet so after I started mixing 2 scoop original with 1 scoop of U&U, the sweetness got toned down and also the windy “after-effects” got less worse which makes me think its the sucralose that’s causing it and not always the fiber.

Lately i’ve changed my habits which was 3 Huels a day each with

  • 4dl distilled water

  • 2dl plantbased milk

  • 3 scoops powder

to 2 Huels a day with

  • 6dl distilled water

  • 2dl plant milk

  • 5 scoops of powder (50% org, 50% U&U)

and it’s really nice and almost sick long lasting energy as well as even lesser winds and almost non existing smell which would probably go away with only U&U but i’m not quite there yet.
So if you have trouble with wind and/or smell, give U&U a try and mix that with your current Huel. You should notice a change pretty quick like a few days to a week but not more than a month all depending on how much of it you currently eat and other lifestyle factors.

Just to make a pretty long story short/er:
I’ve done many changes to my lifestyle and habits to make things better after my surgery. After the surgery where they removed ~50cm of my intestine loosing a ileocecal valve, my life was basically miserable due to a very upset stomach where I had to go asap when it was time or an accident was inevitable. The amount of times I needed to go was at least 10 times a day with no exception and it was always watery stools which is really hard to hold. After changing things around and eating better such as ecological, gluten free, lactose free, drastically less sugar (no sodas or candy), local meat, no liquor and other things i’ve forgotten by this point i’ve halved the amount of times I needed to go but still watery and urgent.

It wasn’t until i’ve started my journey with eliminating meat and dairy which wasn’t perfect the first year (Jan 2018) since I had to learn quite a lot and unlearn older habits but a few months into 2019 it started to turn around and it was also during this time when I started to eat Huel. Today my stomach is miles better and my restroom needs are mostly 2 times a day which is a huge QoL change for me.

With that said, I want to thank the Huel community and Huel itself from the bottom of my heart for this amazing product!
BTW don’t you dare to remove Original Huel :stuck_out_tongue:

Now for the negative part and that is where Huel recently changed delivery guy from UPS to Postnord (Sweden) and that is really not a step in the right direction. Postnord is by far the worst and doesn’t contact you when they are on route to deliver package.

For the whole year of 2019 and every month when UPS has been delivering, it has worked phenomenal. Few times i’ve been home and times when I haven’t, they simply left the package at home with a letter on the door where they put it. Never once have they not delivered and that’s same with other packages i’ve ordered with UPS as delivery.

I’ve had my first experience with having Huel delivered by Postnord now and the 1st time I was home (luckily) and received 1 package. I opened the package (which was very small for my order of 9 pouches and 3 granola) and there was only a few of what i’ve ordered.

I checked the forum and saw a post of a similar occurrence where the other package came a few days later so I waited it out but nothing. I started tracing and managed to get a package id from DHL and could later trace it on Postnord. There I saw that they had tried to deliver it at home for a few days but no message or envelope in mailbox. Not a single word of communication. Often with Postnord you get a sms but with packages like this you often get a note in your mailbox where you can fetch the package at your local postal office. So I went in and picked up the package and there was still missing a few org pouches as well and 1 granola. Also 1 U&U too much which had a scar into the bag (first time that happened).
Sent a mail to 5 days ago but haven’t received a reply yet but can understand it due to holidays etc.

I sincerely hope that you don’t stick with Postnord or at least give the customer an option so those that are happy with Postnord can have their packages from them and those who prefer a functional delivery like UPS can get their packages without the added stress and unnecessary time consuming efforts of making sure you get your package.


Hey there, thanks so much for the message.

I’m so glad you think so. We love helping people out. Crohns is so complex so it’s amazing when we see Huel benefiting those affected with conditions like these.

I’m so sorry we haven’t replied yet, truly we’re working so so so hard to get to you and everyone else. The CE team are working around the clock to get to all the contacts. January is a massive time of team for us so our contacts increase but here have also been a few operational issues that has been making the CE team’s lives more difficult. We will get to you.

This is difficult because we’ve had people say exactly the opposite. There’s always issues with every courier, we believe Postnord offer the best but I’m sorry you’ve had a bad experience. We’ll get to your email absolutely. Thank you for the feedback.