My experience: 1 year of daily Huel

I’ve had Huel in my diet almost every day for just over a year now, starting on the v2.3 powder and now on v3.0. There have been some ups and downs on my journey. However, the key for me was finding the right level of consumption and the right way to fit it into my lifestyle.

With my initial enthusiasm, I tried going straight to 2+ meals of Huel per day. Unfortunately my digestive system did not like this and it caused some discomfort and a lot of flatulence.

So I reduced to my intake to one meal per day, either breakfast or lunch. The discomfort stopped but I discovered a whole new level to the flatulence issue: if I ate something quite rich (e.g. a curry) while there was still Huel in my system, the combination was like rocket fuel. There were some nights when I was kicked out of the bed and had to sleep in another room.

To avoid this I stuck to just having Huel for breakfast, leaving enough time before I would eat anything rich. This is ideal for me, because in the past I would frequently skip breakfast for lack of time, and would then eat sugary snacks during the morning to keep my energy levels up, which was obviously terrible for my nutrition. One Huel meal in the morning before work is enough to keep me going until lunch and must have provided a lot of nutrients that my diet had been lacking.

After having one Huel meal per day for a year now, I think my body (or the balance of bacteria in my gut) has adjusted, can now cope with a bit more Huel and is more tolerant of mixing it with other foods. While I don’t often have more than 1 Huel powder meal per day, I have started to buy the Huel bars, so I now typically have one of those per day too. They are excellent, by the way.

I won’t be aiming for a 100% Huel diet on any day though, because when I do have the time, I just love other food too much. But I can happily say that Huel is definitely staying part of my diet now, and I feel much healthier than when I began.


Thank you so much Ben! Love to hear your feedback and that you’ve found exactly what works for you with Huel and it’s become a great daily addition to your diet. It’s a shame your gut isn’t loving having more than one powder meal a day, but with the bars on hand you can have a little more complete nutrition in your day!

Keep it up and thank you for being part of the community!