Unable to eat other food

Hi guys
So I’m on my first week of huel and I’m finding if I eat ‘real food’ I get bloated, full up, heart burn and I feel terribly sick. I have 3 x 2s coop a day originally it was supposed to be 2x2 scoop a day with a healthy lunch or dinner but I physically cant eat it. Should I just go 100% huel? Does anyone else get this or am I just crazy haha also the huel seems to calm down my heartburn lots so I don’t think it’s that giving me it.

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I find I tend to get a lot more wind when eating “normal” food.


@Beth_Crosby This is my first post but had to chip in. I thought the bloating and wind after ‘normal’ food was just me. Even if I eat ‘clean’ food like chicken, rice and vegetables I seem to bloat right up and the wind is something else. I’ve never had wind like it in all my life.
I’m currently having Huel for breakfast and lunch with a normal meal in the evening but if I can’t find a fix for my issue I may have to got 100% Huel. This isn’t ideal as I feel we need to eat food at least once a day in order to keep our teeth healthy. Plus eating food is pleasurable so wouldn’t want to give it up completely.
I hope we find a fix for this soon, my wife has already threatened me with sleeping on the sofa!

@dreameruk omg yes!! That’s exactly how I feel and I know about the wind :flushed: everyone in my apartment block knows about the wind lol I’ve tried a day of 100% huel and I felt a lot better I might just use it as a fix just for now and slowly go back of to food if I get bored. I still agree that you should eat at least once a day. Like I like to eat dinner with my son as a family I’m just struggling I tend to have a tiny portion just so it looks like I’m eating to him.

I was thinking it might be something to do with gluten. I’m almost finished my first batch and am planning to get the gluten free next time just to see if that helps.
I will keep you posted. Hopefully I can work it out as apart from this, Huel is perfect.

Yes please keep me updated. I hope it works out for you :grin:

I have one solid food meal a day and find that straight after, my belly rumbles and I need the loo.
I did two days of 100% Huel and had no problems.

I’m wondering whether yeast is the problem for me. A while back I did a food intolerance test which showed up yeast as a big problem. Apparently, people who are intolerant to yeast need to avoid vinegar. I’ve been having a lot of vinegar on food lately. On Saturday evening I had Fish & Chips with loads of salt and vinegar, and the subsequent rectal explosions were so putrid I’m wondering whether I actually damaged the O-zone layer.


There’s not really any gluten in it. They just can’t 100% guarantee it’s totally free as it’s made in a factory that contains gluten products. Hence them introducing a gluten free version which they have made in a different factory.

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@Reginald_Glovebox That’s good to know. I’ve just ordered my gluten free version but from what you have told me it sounds like I didn’t need to. I will see if it has any positive effect on the bloating/gas issue.


I’ve been doing some tests with my evening meals and I’ve pinpointed the cause of the ‘fragrant’ gas.
It’s was caused by a hot chilli sauce I was using (seems obvious now).
@Marcus it’s interesting that you mention vinegar as an issue here. The second ingredient in the hot sauce was vinegar. I’ve now order a candida cleanse from Amazon that’s due to arrive today. Hopefully this will help.
After I have finished the months supply I will try the hot sauce against to see if it has the same effect.

Interesting. Let us know how that goes.