Does this ever end

Hi I have been having Huel for a few months now but my stomach is not adjusting, not just the toxic fumes but I have to go the the toilet several times a day and have sudden waves of feeling like I am going to shit myself all through the day. I am lucky I am not at work now because I know I would be defecating all over the office.

Does this ever go away or is Huel just not for me. I love the convenaince and taste and nutrition but when I cant be like this much longer as I’m going back to work in 3 weeks and dont want to cause a chocolate tsunami.

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Firstly, welcome to the forum.


Lastly, how much are you having per day? Did you jump right into it or ease yourself in? What other foods are you typically mixing it with? Are you drinking too much or not enough water?

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I have mild IBS and found that Huel really badly impacted me - I still used it for years as I wanted the nutrients and protein but I took a break last year and have started back on the Black Edition version as it does not use oats which I suspect might have been contributing to my issues. I also found using the unflavoured version helped as it has no artificial sweeteners but it is a lot less palatable.

All I can say is for me the gut issues never went away but the unflavoured version helped.