Huel Guffs

OK so embarrassing one but here goes.
I’ve been using huel for a good six months now. I only have it for lunch about 4-5 times a week. I enjoy it and it’s helped me loose a little weight.

Every evening it makes me fart something rotten, and its not pleasant.

If I don’t have huel it’s not a problem.

I have vanilla flavour, I used to add strawberry but I think it was actually a bit worse then.
I really want to solve this I would like to stay married and continue with huel but I fear it may be one or the other.

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use it for breakfast instead
fart at work
problem solved


I’ve been a vegan for 30 years and veggie for 36 or so…but when I started using Huel I had some bad farts for a while…not sure why they were worse as nothing new to my diet. I did get heartburn for a while too which was odd. Both passed (no pun intended) after a while, maybe my insides did need time to adjust.

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I’m a wedding photographer…The timings would mean huel farts during the ceremony. That wouldn’t go down well ha ha.

On a serious note I did wonder if it was adaptation but it’s been a while now


It’s just the high fiber intake I believe. I have the same problem as you with Huel but also when I eat lots of vegetables or eat porridge.

I work 12 hour nightshifts in a small security office; last night my work mate came in and complained the whole room stunk rotten of fart.

There is a guilty satisfaction in knowing people are being frustrated by your ass gas.

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My significant other — ChestyMountrumpian — swears that the result of adding Spirulina to my meals is that my “guffs” have the aroma of a freshly-mown lawn on a sunny Summer’s day. A fragrance a lot of people find pleasant.

If you can’t beat it, at least make it less onerous for the people around you” — I always say.

Super-food for thought, anyway ;¬)

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I had this problem but couldn’t solve it. Had to quit huel in the end.

Waiting around for a guff free formula!

Did you find it made you constipated?

Not overly but I know where you’re coming from.

I was hoping one of the nutritionists from Huel might shed some light on this…Like hat is the reason. Is it the fibre, could it even be something like a gluten issue? Reason for wondering is my stomach sure feels very “bubbly” the evening after having huel

It seems like it only affects a small minority of people who post here.

Most who have problems get over them in the first few days.

I tried the gluten free version as well and has the same problems.

I think it’s either the high protein content or the fibre causing constipation and other problems.

I might try it again soon and see if anything has changed.

I’m nobody’s nutritionist by any stretch. In fact I’m a total nobody ;¬)

But my guess is Huel’s pea protein is the culprit. Peas are legumes. Aren’t they? Legumes are the main ingredient of Heinz Baked Beans. Aren’t they?

We had a little jingle we would sing as kids whenever anybody mentioned Heinz Baked Beans

Beans, beans good for your heart. The more you eat, the more you feart!

That makes sense. Maybe I’ll get some pea protein and see what happens.

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Oddly, I am exactly the opposite. I suffer from IBS type problems that lead to a lot of wind. I use Huel to stop this. If I have Huel for breakfast and lunch then those IBS problems disappear.

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That’s good it worked for the IBS.

I’ve been a few days without huel and back on it today I’m farting like a trooper.

Huel bars don’t make me fart, if that’s a clue to anyone who can help.

Would taking a probiotic help or anything?

I take whey protein and have done for years with no ill effects

I’ve taken probiotic acidophilus supplements for a few years just for general health maintenance. Recently, I’ve been mixing the contents one probiotic acidophilus capsule into my “Schmuel”. They probably do reduce windiness a little. But that’s not really why I take them. Luckily I don’t have a chronic problem with windiness.

I’ve heard that a lot of people have had good results using this if you can find it or its UK equivalent somewhere.

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Some people have an intolerance to Oats (including gluten free). Maybe test this out by eating some plain oats and water? If you do then unless Huel design an oat free version it’s probably best to stay away… if only for the wedding guests!

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I am now a member of this club…I had to run away from the gas cloud I left behind before it melted my brain! :joy:
I mean woah!!! My wife basically punched me and said what’s wrong with you hahahahaha!!!


I can eat oats with water - although I usually only have 60g a day, in one portion. How many grams of oats are in a days worth of Huel?

That Beano sounds interesting, you can get it on Amazon but it looks quite heavily marked up.

Some great customer reviews:

Lets get this straight out there…I could not eat certain foods (and there are many of them) without farting for my country. This means sleeping in the spare room a lot and getting grief from the Mrs, annoying my family and friends, waking myself up at night with my own stench etc etc. If I was to eat my favourite curry, (Dhansak) then you would be able to literally cut the air with a knife in my bedroom that night. My wife would then walk in to the room and spray me in the face with her awful deodarant which she keeps close by for my outbreaks. Car jounreys would mean me holding it in for the duration and almost spontaneously combusting. Anyway, you get the picture…

This product looks to be helping me save my marriage.

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How much does a divorce lawyer cost in the UK?

I would plonk for the pills if I was in the OP’s shoes. If for no other reason than — “Because she’s worth it!” — to paraphrase a popular women’s hair product commercial ;¬)