Farts Hot&Savory

Does anybody else also experience rotting egg gasses/farts leaving your body when you eat the Huel Hot&Savory or is it just me? :crazy_face: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :woozy_face: If it’s just me, does anybody know what ingredient is causing it?

Btw. I absolutely love the Huel Hot&Savory! My favorites are the Thai green curry, Madras, Tomato&Herb and the Sweet and Savory one :slight_smile:

Hope you all have a great day!

I had my first three bags delivered today.

So I can let you know in the next day or two regarding farts - and there’s a promise I’ve never made before!!


I don’t have any adverse gas from eating hot and savoury nor any other Huel product. I am disappointed


Haha you lucky or should I say your partner is lucky! Mine isn’t :joy:

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Is it any particular flavour that sets you off? or all of them so far? Just to clarify, you aren’t snacking on any protein snacks like Surströmming in between meals are you? :thinking: : :thinking:
I start the Savoury for lunch in a couple of days… wish me luck!!

I tasted 2 of them the day before yesterday and 3 of them yesterday and both days I had gas! So I don’t know if it’s one flavor in particular! I will test that out! Today I am going to eat the Thai green curry one. I didn’t snack on any protein snacks like the one you mentioned, but could a protein snack in combination with Huel cause this??

Haha wishing you the best of luck! It is very delicious tho!

I was being a bit tongue in cheek with the protein snack if you look that particular option up :wink:

Maybe as you say with the Thai Green, try one a day and see which ones have an effect or not. You can then decide if how much you like a flavour outweighs it’s antisocial effects.

Out of interest, have you had a course of anti biotics recently? I know those wipe my gut health

Indeed I’ll try them out seperately and see which ones give me the most gas :crazy_face:

No I haven’t had antibiotics in 3 years and I have been taking probiotics for 3months every year to obtain a healthy gut. So I don’t think that may be the problem, but I have been having a lot of stress lately so might be that that plays a role? :see_no_evil:

I have never used this product and don’t plan to do that, but regarding gas problems of whatever cause simeticone has always been very helpful, temporarily. Maybe you just need to adapt to a different macronutrient split or a specific ingredient, and after the adaption is complete you won’t need any more of it.

Disclaimer: I won’t guarantee that it has not side effects whatsoever.

Well, my first Tomato and Herb for lunch yesterday, and no gaseous emissions. However, as my dear friend from school used to say when he was hugely into illegal narcotics… Insufficient data. Experimentation continues. :laughing:

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HAHAHA! I had Thai green curry for lunch yesterday and I noticed that I had less gas than the days before, so could also be just because I am adjusting to it? :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ah yes, Surströmming, my favourite protein snack to have at the gym after some heavy lifting.

Always best to eat in a crowded social setting. I find it best to have when there is a large queue for equipment. I guess it makes everyone else super hungry as they all seem to disappear :wink:


I find that after a period of not having Huel I can be gassier for a period coming back to it. I’ve always put it down to an increase in fibre compared to a non-Huel diet. How long have you been having Huel regularly now? I find it dies down after a week or 2, hopefully will be the same for you!


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Yes that could probably be it, because I am having Huel now for almost a week and I am less gassy than I was in the first 2-3 days! Before this week it has been a few months since I had Huel regularly. So indeed might be that my body is adjusting to the high fiber! :relieved:

Thank you for answering @Tim!

Wait… what?

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I’ve read now quite often posts here about flatulence and very bad smelling farts after having Huel. In my experience it mostly had to do with sugar (not the sugar in Huel but in biscuits and desserts) - or at least I think so (I’m still a newbie). Maybe it’s the combination of fibers and sugar? Because I’ve had a fibre-rich diet already in the past I have also my share of flatulence-experience :rofl:. But at the moment I don’t eat sweets at all. So that’s maybe the reason I don’t have that problem with Huel now. Has anyone else made that kind of observation?