Hot & Savoury, loving it!

This is just an appreciation post of Huel Hot & Savoury. I have IBS and since I started dinning Hot & Savoury -Tomato and Spicy one- my night diggestion improved exponentially, not sure if related to the FODMAP. On the top of that, it is just delicious.

Thank you so much for developing a product that not just tastes good, is nutritionally complete and is plain easy to prepare, it also improves the quality of life of people like me with no more surprise cramps over night.


What a way to start the week, thanks so much for the amazing feedback! Keep us posted on how you’re getting along!

Have to say I’m much the same. I used protein shakes for years while training but facing chicken, tuna, eggs and protein shakes each day became monotonous.

I’m so far from being a foodie, food is something that while necessary gets in the way of doing other things. I rarely eat at set times but instead when I’m hungry so can go some days with nothing until dinner or other times I’ll have breakfast and lunch then a late dinner etc. So when I tried the original huel I was like wow.

After a few months though I was getting the same fatigue I found with protein shakes. The big thing, going back to my eating habits, sometimes I want something sweet, or savory or more like a breakfast.

I have now sorted myself out with white huel, banana and original. Huel protein, strawberry and cream as well as banana. And hot and savory Madras and korma.

This combination is brilliant. Now some days I won’t have any huel but others I will want something sweet so have huel protein which is more sweet than the others. Some mornings I’ll have white huel for breakfast and days where I just want something hot and more of a meal, hot and savory is brilliant.

I think it’s the variety that saves you from the monotony of the same day in day out. If you don’t punish yourself and try to stringently stick to a diet of huel it’s so much more enjoyable and just slots into daily life as and when required so easily.

Keep up the great work hueligans