My views cold shakes / HOT & Savoury

I love Huel… I started off on the original white bags and then moved to the black edition for the extra protein…

My favourite is vanilla but I’m looking forward to trying the coffee caramel one !

In the morning I mix with a little coffee… for lunch I blend it with spinach or a banana with a scoop of nut butter … I find blending with 80/20 water/milk is tasty , creamier than just shaking alone …

It’s my first day trying the hot and savoury …they are so easy to make … I love the tomato and herb, but I found the Thai a little too spicy for me , not enough to stop me eating it … ( I’m not a fan of spicy food )

Ive not tried the bars or ready made shakes … yet !!

On days I work I use usually Huel white UU blended with frozen berries and/or creatine and protein powder for breakfast. For my ‘lunch’ usually a Huel Black vanilla. I prefer vanilla to chocolate but I mix Vanilla with coffee. I use RTD as either elevenses or evening snack.

My use of Huel Hot Savory will most likely be for lunch or evening snack. If for lunch I’ll need 3 or 4 scoops. On my days I don’t work Ill substitiute my sandwich for A huel HS again I’ll need 3 to 4 scoops.