Love the new bars & my perfect Huel blend

Hi, first post here. Been using Huel 50% for 4-ish months.

Really loving the new 3.0 Bars, honestly I enjoy the taste more than normal chocolate bars. I’ve really started to crave them. I’m advancing rather carefully with them though, don’t want to upset my stomach, limiting them to one a day for now.

I usually eat Huel for dinner on workdays and for breakfast on weekends, basically all meals I consume at home. I’ve started prepping my blend beforehand, in a large Smartstore box (Swedish company that makes durable and food-safe plastic containers of all sizes. I think it’s more convenient to scoop out of the box as it’s not as deep as the normal Huel bags. Also the zip lock on Huel bags is often really fiddly. Anyway, here’s the blend:

400 ml cold water
2 scoops Vanilla Huel
2 scoops Unflavoured & Unsweetened
1 tsp Caramel flavour boost

I shake well and leave it for about 5 minutes, then shake again, as it makes the texture more thick and homogenous. Be careful not to wait too long though, as it becomes really thick over time… once I tried half an hour and needed a spoon to eat it.

If you’re in for a treat, add a banana and blend the whole thing. You’ll get this delicious creamy smoothie, which actually competes with “real” food imho.

Feel free to share your tips below! Have a nice day :heart:


I feel the same way about the bars!

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Sounds like I can make a really nice ice cream out of this :yum:

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Sounds interesting :joy: let me know how it went!

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