My experience so far with huel

I was really excited to try huel. The main reasons I wanted to try it; saves so much time, cost effective and healthy!

On the first day, I tried the vanilla flavoured huel (3 scoops and ~500ml of water) - unfortunately, i found it pretty unpleasant - had to stop myself gagging, but i managed to get through it all.

The next day, I tried it with the strawberry flavour sachet. It was much nicer tasting, but I still struggled with the texture - it wasn’t smooth despite shaking it rather vigorously for quite a long time and adding ice. Some gagging still, but much less.

Just today, I decided to change the ratios; so I put ~480ml of water with just 2 scoops, with ice and the cacao sachet. I must say it made a huge difference. The vigorous shaking in the huel protein shaker got rid of all the lumps and it actually tasted “nice”. Going to keep trying with this ratio and see how the other flavours compare!

I also just wanted to mention the t-shirt.

My chest is 32 inches, so I expected the small t-shirt [34-36 inches] to be too large, but it actually fits perfectly!

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If you want your Huel to be smoother leave it in the fridge. Longer the better but even 3 hours (if you used chilled water to start) will have an effect.


Just discovered using about 7 or 8 ice cubes makes the drink soooooo much easier to drink. It tastes pleasant and I can now drink it all in about 30 seconds.

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I always use a stick blender for mixing. Get a much better result and makes it easy to add fresh fruit to. Raspberries or strawberries with a little bit of hazelnut milk is my favourite at the moment!

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I do things like this! Or add half a banana, some ice or even a bit of peanut butter. It’s very versatile. | pretty much always use a blender and some ice though.