First time using huel

Hi this is the first day for me to use huel, I’ve had one for breakfast and have one ready for my lunch.
My question is have I done it right?
I put 3 level scoops to 500ml of water I’ve done one with milk and one with water. Is this ok.
Thank Jp

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I’m new to Huel too. I think your measures sound right, but someone with more experience can confirm no doubt.

How are you mixing it out of interest? I made a shake with cold tap water in a shaker bottle with metal ball. It was average. However, making it the night before and leaving it in the fridge overnight is soooo much nicer, I actually look forward to drinking it! Using a blender can help too, although I must be good at shaking as I don’t notice a huge amount of difference between vigorous shaken and blended. If I’m adding frozen fruit though (Tesco sell a great selection, fave so far contains frozen banana, blueberries, raspberries) I have to use a blender.

I guess it is personal preference, but I use 400ml of water and 4 level scoops of Huel. This makes a very thick and filling shake, which for me makes my tummy feel more satisfied than a more liquid shake does. Depends on how you like it of course.

Sounds OK - scoop not very accurate so if you’re bothered about calories I’d recommend weighing it. I bought cheap scales off Amazon for less than a tenner - part of my routine now. Frozen fruit is great in Huel. Aldi do a cheap alternative if you’re consuming vast amounts.

I find Huel needs at least two hours in a fridge to “soften” if you’re not blending and even with a blender it doesn’t get the seeds soft and chewy which time will. I make three meals up the night before have one for Breakfast, take one to work and then have one for tea when I get home.

Hi Electrodan thanks for your frozen fruit tip, I went to Iceland and bought an assortment of frozen fruit and I’ve just made tomorrow’s breakfast and lunch, the taste is alot better , but I imagine it will be even nicer by the morning. I bought a nutri ninja IQ expensive I know but we use for all sorts but it really does blend the hell out of the huel.

Thank you terriann I will try it that way too,

Thanks RDW I’ve got scales so I’ll be using those. And I will go to aldi for my fruit , I intend munching on fruit as much as I can.

Fruit is good but be careful it’s also very high in fruit sugars which are calories and some reckon harder to burn off than normal sugars. I certainly turn to fruit to get me through but when I add up the calories I consume in apples on a bad day it negates the point of my diet entirely - so be strong :slight_smile:

Ok great , I’ll be careful.


Compared to a normal diet, Huel is very low in sugar to begin with, so adding fruit isn’t likely to be that much of a problem.

Good advice , thanks very much

Great to hear you have already got some stellar advice from the Huelers here. Welcome to the forum! Another cracking tip is to add some coffee, just a teaspoon of instant will do the business, but if you are feeling flash then espresso or cold brew would be great too!

If you have any other questions then just fire away!

Thanks for the coffee tip! I had that for my breakfast today, delicious! My favourite so far is fresh banana and blueberries made with cashew milk. I have a massive apatite, but I find huel satisfies me and keeps me going all day. With something like boiled chicken , steamed brown rice and steamed mixed veg for tea, I’m sorted . I’m also saving a fortune, I used to go to greggs for breakfast and dinner and easily spend £10 a day. So the expensive blender I bought will pay for itself in two weeks. FANTASIC!