Huel + Nutribullet

Hi there,

Just ordered my first Huel after reading this forum and the many positive experiences people have had. I wondered whether anyone can offer some newbie top tips and if you can use a Nurtibullet to mix Huel, either just with water or to add some flavour, fruit etc?

2 young children, broken sleep for pretty much four years as a result, and another baby on the way and its safe to say my weight has gone up and my general wellbeing, energy levels, enthusiasm has gone down :slight_smile: Lack of sleep leads to lazy food choices so I intend to use Huel for breakfast and lunch every day during the week as a starter.

Any advice on knowing the right quantities to use also appreciated


I find I can get the mix fine with just the shaker and cold water, but I do use a normal blender (after it’s been mixed in the shaker) to add frozen fruit (from Aldi) to give myself a treat. I go unflavoured so the fruit definitely gives it a boost and adds a few calories (and roughage - which I need)

Awesome thanks - I think I will use the blender to crush some ice cubs and a shot of flavour. Many thanks

Consider frozen fruit - it’s cheap, adds the ice and always tastes good

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I only shake it up by hand if I’m making vanilla Huel or U/U with a flavour powder. For anything else I’ve got a relatively powerful hand blender which can easily deal with frozen berries and gives me a lovely smooth result. If I really want to go nuts I get the big blender out, but that’s much more of a pain to wash up. Handy for making up a whole day’s Huel at once, but I seldom make it all the same flavour so I just stick to making each portion with the hand blender, rinsing out the blades and the blending pot and then proceeding with the next one.

I’m quite sure a Nutribullet would make short work of mixing the Huel itself (just dump the powder and liquid in there, you don’t need to shake it first) and anything else you might want to add. One of my colleagues brings one in to work sometimes to make her lunch and it seems like a fearsome thing indeed.

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I only ever use my nutribullet - in fact I’ve never used the shaker to shake (I use it as a bottle to transport pre-blended Huel).

It’s great for frozen or fresh fruit and ice. My standard lunch mix is Vanilla Huel, a frozen banana, a tablespoon each of instant coffee and cocoa powder (unsweetened), The Nutribullet is great for breaking down the banana and blending the coffee and cocoa which can easily clump.

I also like ‘black forest’ - vanilla huel, cocoa powder, frozen cherries.


@SO91 I’ve gone for the same combination. Frozen cherries are only couple of pounds a bag at Sainsbury’s and a teaspoon of cocoa tastes great.

@Daxter22 I have a two year old and a six month old and after a day of work and an evening of little people Huel is just what I need. I use a Salter Nutri Pro at home and a shaker at work. I much prefer machine blended Huel.

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Thanks Tom - we are in the same trenches as fathers (I have a 3rd en route) and particularly during the week eating healthy (on limited sleep) is a hard challenge compounded by being too tired to be motivated to cook fresh foods. My Huel has been delivered today, so I’ll be straight home to get on the Huel Express as of tomorrow!

Do you mix up the night before ahead of work and if so, what do you store it in for the journey to work?

Welcome to the Huel family! Thank you for getting contact. Even more great flavouring ideas here - How do you flavour your Huel?

I use a Breville Blend Active, can pick it up from £20 and includes 2 decent bottles!

I’ve just started too and I blend it in my nutribullet seems to do the job.

Thanks all - tried to blend up my first batch for breakfast tomorrow - still getting my head around quantities and water etc. Do I have this right?

I aiming for 1700 calories per day and intend to use Huel for breakfast and lunch only, making two Huel meals of 566.67 calories plus a normal evening meal of the same calories.

Using the measurement guides it looks as though the calorie to grams ratio (for vanilla) is about 4:1 meaning that the 566.67 calories per meal equals to around 138 grams of Huel in each meal.

Using the suggested approach of 5 parts water to Huel this means I’d be using 691ml of water with my 138g of Huel?

I’ve just mixed that up and it look like rather a lot for breakfast - practically maxing out my nutribullet and that is only for breakfast, let alone the second batch needed for lunch.

If these quantities are right I’m going to need a bigger blender!

Please let me know if I have this wrong


@daxter22 for 100g I find 400ml is the sweet spot. And probably 350ml for the unflavored as it is definitely thinner when mixed. You will know from the texture though. If it is thin and watery then there is probably too much water in it, and if it is thick and gloopinous then there is too little water and too much huel… Smoothie/milkshake texture is a good amount of water in my opinion ^.^
Anyway, I’d say concentrate on texture more than exact ratios. You can make your own measurements on what you like best.

I use a shaker at work. I used to take 100g in ziplock bags daily but now just have a full bag of Huel in my drawer under my desk:

At home I use my nutri pro and sometimes throw in a few other ingredients.

I’m a veggie and my wife and children eat meat. When they have chicken or fish I just have Huel instead. It’s far more of a complete meal than a cheese sandwich.

I still cook when I can and last night made some fresh falafels and had them in a pitta bread with a beetroot and feta salad.

I’m thinking of making some “Toad in the Huel” with Quorn sausages but don’t know if the batter would rise with Huel in there ?

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I use an imitation Nutribullet by Salter that’s about half the price on Amazon.

It does a great job with huel and water.

Black Forest! I’m gonna try that

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I just made one with 3x New Vanilla, a tsp unsweetened peanut butter, a tsp G&B cocoa powder and a handful of frozen raspberries. Delicious.

I really want some frozen cherries now though.

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There is no reason why it shouldn’t, if you incorporate enough air into the batter.