New Huel user, requesting any "I wish I would have known..." before I start!

Don’t worry, I’m not expecting any negativity - I’m just looking for helpful tricks and tips! I just received my shipment, and I’m currently looking into purchasing a one-serve blender, though I fear that the 14 ounce size might be a bit too small to use for a given meal of Huel. I’ve stocked up on bananas, mangos and kiwis, and I’ve portioned them out/frozen them in prep for blending them for a more fruity option!

I’m a healthy 23 year old college student who plans on testing 100% Huel for a month, though I’m going to be working myself up with one to two meals of Huel a day.

That blender isn’t big enough, get a ninja. I’ve got a Compact but the cheap one will do you just as well.

And then get a 900ml bottle for it

Far more flexible and will be useful for more than just mixing Huel.

Other tips…

Mix the night before and let it sit in the fridge
Add coffee (preferably coldbrew rather than instant)

I’d echo the suggestion of a bigger blender container. You likely need a bigger shaker bottle/drink container too (unless you just use the blender cup).

I’ve a nutribullet and both the big cup and the Huel shaker just manages to contain 124g Huel and 620ml of water for a 500 kcal serving with little room for anything else.

I’ve managed to find a supplier for a 900ml nutribullet cup and am now looking for 4 reasonably priced 900ml bpa free drinks bottles.

Until I can get a blender/a larger bottle, I was considering doing a serving of Huel with a bit of Matcha Powder well shaken. Is it worth using Huel without a blender or should I wait?

Personally I much prefer using a blender. I’ve hand shaken and it’s fine, but honestly, nothing really beats filling a bottle with powder and water, pressing a pulse button for two seconds, then putting a lid on and walking away with a well mixed shake.

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Funnily enough I am the opposite, and I believe I’ve mentioned it several times before. When I first started Huel I always blended…and I have a great Vitamix type blender…it’s not a Vitamix but an Optimum -still expensive…just not quite so…then one day I didn’t have access to blender and needed to mix Huel…so used a shaker…and was left with little lumps…and you know what…I prefer it that way, so I haven’t used a blender since…the lumps are unpredictable, sometimes none, sometimes a few but I really like it that way.


I do tend to agree. I’ve always thought that the little lumps, when just right, are almost like chunks of cookie dough - very pleasant.

But time wise, mixing up huel + mct powder + creatine is just so much quicker with a blender. Especially since I stick a lid on the ninja cups and walk off. I really went off using my last blender (2L jobbie I could do a full days mix in one with) because it was so much less convenient.


Yep, the little lumps are moreish…and I guess that isn’t meant to be the idea. I generally just shake the Huel with the liquid, maybe powdered peanut butter, maybe inulin, maybe flavour system, maybe cocoa, maybe matcha, but for about 45 secs of shaking, and no washing up I’m good to go…I’ve not added mct or creatine to be honest with you. If I was adding fruit I’d blend it…and have done rarely, otherwise just a shaker.

+1 for lumps.

And I have to admit - I’m sometimes partial to eating dry Huel with a teaspoon…

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How funny! The lumps didn’t particularly bother me, the one time I mixed my lunch on the move, although the resulting, slightly warm mix reminded me of eating room temp Readybrek! But a friend of mine who tried Huel, rechristened it “Hurl” after the lumps made him do just that. He couldn’t stomach it ever again, even when I made him a cold, blended version with frozen berries and spinach which is how I like mine.

My blender is a £1 Kenwood which I picked up at an auction 5 yrs ago. It’s stoic and holds 1500ml which is more than enough for 2 big portions for hubby and me. I did try a small, one portion, rechargeable blender off Amazon but it wasn’t even strong enough to blend Huel + water; I sent it back.

We are LOVING our Huel smoothies. Tesco and Aldi now sell lots of different bags of smoothie mixes (berries, veg, coconut etc) which I add to get the raw, fresh factor into our meals. And the weight is falling off us after a long summer of excess. We are doing two meals a day of Huel and one real dinner. It’s going well! Soon time to reorder. I’m going half and half with plain and original vanilla as vanilla alone is too sweet for me.

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When mixing, liquid first, otherwise you end up with a mess. I found this both when shaking and blending.
I usually shake mine, but I plan on getting a bigger shaker. A really nice treat is blending with milk, raspberries, blueberries and some cocoa.
I find it is more pleasant using milk or a milk substitute for about 1/3-1/2 of the liquid. Adding ice cubes or putting in the fridge for a little while also improves the taste a bit.

While you’re awaiting your blender or large shaker, you could try mixing a meal in 2 stages for a smoother result with the shaker (i.e mix a half portion, pour it into a bottle/glass/whatever, then mix the other half), or just having smaller portions at more regular intervals. Depends how much you like the lumps. I quite like it a little lumpy, but big clumps aren’t good.

Also, the first taste for most people is not good. You have to get used to the unusual taste. But it doesn’t take long, I now crave huel sometimes.

We have 2 Huel shakers and I just use a cheap stick blender to blend the Huel directly in the shaker, then I decant 2 portions into insulated bottles for lunch and then mix 2 more in the containers for breakfast for hubbie and me - works a treat :slight_smile:

PS I do 2 scoops of Huel (50/50 vanilla & UU) to 400ml of liquid. My favourite is to use 300ml of water and 100ml of Alpro coconut (milk alternative), if I want to do 3 scoops and 600ml of fluid I start with 400ml of fluid and 3 scoops, then add the extra 200ml of fluid after the blend :slight_smile:

I agree with @Tristan I bought a ninja blender (bl480) and this is playing in a superior league , it gives to you a new world of possibilities not only for mixing huel but to add veggies or fruit on it whatever you want, and really fast to have it done, really convenient.

I was using a bottle and I was shaking it manually, the consistency and the whole experience wasn’t really good as I couldn’t mix it properly.

Yeah, yeah, yeah

I have never used a blender and I’m perfectly happy. Still on 2.1 though, 2.2 might be harder to mix.

I have my Huel with coffee like 95 percent of the time, either instant or (cooled) drip brewed. Sometimes I drink my Huel hot, with curry powder and tabasco.

I have a shaker and a couple of bags at home and the same setup at work. In the mornings I shake and decant into an insulated bottle that I bring along for the commute. At work I just shake and drink. Ice cubes are good.