900ml Huel vessel finally found!

I’ve always found that I cannot get Huel thin enough. The default bottle results in a thick shake so I bought a Nutri Ninja. The default blender cup is 600ml, which also results in a thick shake, even blended.

I’ve FINALLY overcome this with one of these:

My shake this morning contained 4 scoops, 200ml whole milk, 2 scoops of almond butter and a scoop of whey and it was finally thin and drinkable! Highly recommended.

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Mmm i like how it looks

Ninja’s are superb. Takes about half a second to blend huel like I like it. Ridiculous how powerful they are on hard items as well, if you got the mixing bowl you’ll be able to make nut butters and raw food balls and all sorts in minutes.

This is the one I’ve got, haven’t made dough in it yet but I keep meaning to try Huel bread or do something like mealsquares.


Finally a way to drink 4500 milliliters a day!


How much water do you add to that? I assume there is more liquid than just 200ml of milk…or do you just fill it to 900ml?

I have a 900ml on the nutribullet for Huel, and use 700ml of water for mine. Along with the Huel itself it is over the ‘max’ line of the cup, but I only do 3 short bursts so it hasn’t popped/exploded/squirted anything as yet.

200ml, then powders, then the rest water. Comes to around the same consistency as a Frijj milkshake when blended.

I’ve found Core150 to be very convenient for day trips with its built-in powder containers, but somewhat on the huge side when it comes to actual capacity (I usually prepare one meal at a time).
Perhaps this would be perfect for your use case?

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Wow, that’s ace! Definitely on the wish list!

I am really interested as I have the breville but I found it like a toy, cause the bottle are ridiculously small, I cannot make the whole shake in one time, what i do is drink half and continue to add mor stuff to my huel shakes… so not sure which ninja should I buy as there are a lot… any ideas? thanks

Depends what you’ll use it for really. I got the ninja compact (£70) because I wanted the mixing bowl as well as the blender bottles (I make a lot of fat bombs, doughs and the like with it) but really you could just get the simple ninja blender (£39) if you just want a better blending experience than the breville gets you.

Ninja’s come with different sized blend cups (mine had a 500ml and 750ml) but the bottle fit is universal so you can get a 900ml bottle like @GTIPuG shared and blend nearly 1L of huel in one go.

Sold! I’m actually going to invest in one, my Breville is like literally dying.

Plus, I’m guessing you can easily mix 240g of huel in the 900ml jug? (the amount I use in the morning) whereas the Breville I have to do in two goes.

Is that like five scoops (ish)? I do four with no issue, blends in seconds.

152g is 4 scoops, 240 is around 6… I think that’d be possible. I get away with 4 scoops, whey and almond butter without issue.

thank you Tristan for your recommendation, I finally bought a ninja blender bl480 -1000w that monster definitely plays in another league, but again 650 ml bottle seems insufficient so I will buy the 900ml bottle… but is perfect to blend as I use to put spinach, kale, tomatoes, nuts, carrots etc with my shakes and the result is wonderful, very happy with the blender! :+1:

I was wondering if is there any way to put a pitcher to this model in case I want it for the future in order not to blend veggies but have them chopped well enough for a sauce or whatever

Thank You for the recommendation.

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I’m pretty sure it’s just the Compact, Duo and Complete that let you put a mixing bowl on top and the connector is slightly different on those models.

This is the compact. If you look in the top of the main unit; the bottles connect inside the rim, whilst the mixing bowl sits around it and connects to the exterior.

The bottles themselves all seem to fit all ninjas, but the mixing bowls are unique to the model they come with. Clever way to get people to upgrade.

The compact has a chop button that I use for pulverising things down to be small enough for keto fat bombs, but you’ll probably want the complete next

Did you jump when you first turned it on? Ninja’s have got a deafening kick to em ain’t they.

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