Best huel thickness

I’ve been experimenting with huel mixes over christmas. Normally I’d have 3 scoops per 600ml. I’ve actually found that about half that amount is much better, more like milkshake rather than porridge.

However that presents a problem. I’m trying to get 1000 calories per day when at work, which is 2x600ml containers and is just about the right amount to drink during the day. If I were to double it up it’d be quite excessive just in the sheer volume of liquid to drink, and I’m not sure I’d be able to.

Are there any tricks to put more huel in whilst maintaining the consistency?

Instead of scoops try weighing the Huel to get the 125g , I found using scoops I wasn’t getting enough powder in the shakes. I have 400ml of water with 125g and refrigerate over night and it’s nice and thick in the morning.

That’s the opposite of what I want - I don’t want thick… I find it quite difficult to drink, more something I have to do rather than a pleasant experience.

Using half that amount makes something quite drinkable, but doubles the liquid volume. I was wondering if there was something that could thin it out so I could have 3 scoops in 600ml but as thin as if it was 1.5 scoops.

Not that I can think of… you can add extra calories to your Huel by putting in oils or peanut butter, using milk instead of water, stuff like that. That way you can get the calories you need while keeping the mixture thin. I also prefer a thinner Huel so get where you’re coming from! It might sound daunting but it really doesn’t hurt to get extra hydration so try to get the new volume down you and good luck!

Suggestion - Larger container?

My 600ml NutriNinja bottle was too small for 200g shakes with whole milk, so I grabbed a 900ml mega sized alternative. Use it every day now.

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Where did you get a 900ml shaker? All I can find is 700ml.


Took me one whole Google!!!

Ah cool, when I searched for 900 ml protein shaker all the results were for 700 ml. Thanks a lot. Still £22 seems a little steep considering you normally pay £5. Will have to think about that.

It’s not a protein shaker, it’s a NutriNinja bottle.

It goes with the blender and allows mega sized shakes of 1000+ cals. :slight_smile:

Ah See I don’t have the blender, I’m Just shaking so this is too expensive for what I need. I’ll keep looking. Thanks for the quick response :slight_smile:

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This is what I have if it’s any good to you,


The Jimmy Joy shaker in XL is 1000ml.

Edit: That musclepharm looks to be the same shaker as JJ. Not sure if it comes with the whisker ball though.

No mine didn’t come with a mixer ball, I prefer blending.

Just ordered one, thanks for the link.

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No problems mate, I am happy with mine it’s a good solid shaker. The drinking hole cover might be a bit tight when new though.