How Can I Make More Out Of Huel

Hi, I have a question. I add two scoops, 400 water/almond milk, some frozen fruits and it always comes until 600 ml. Is it possible to make more? Every time I have huel I always eat couple of carrots or something else to be completely full.
I have one huel for lunch and one for dinner (always 2 scoops) in the morning I just have banana and peanut butter. Should I add more water? If I do it will not be as thick. I want to have one huel and be full, or is it just cravings and I think I’m hungry?

Try 3 scoops?

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It’s the new ‘big’ scoop so three scoops are two scoops with the new scoops. Or you do you mean just add three?

I just mean add an extra scoop. Try it. If you don’t like it, try something else.

Personally I use 125g, which is two and a half of the big scoops. But I am losing weight. When I want to maintain weight I’ll switch to 150g, which is three of the big scoops. That makes a satisfying meal for a big guy like me.

Thank you, will try it today.
I want to lose weight as well but I go to the gym so I don’t know if that’s why I’m hungry.
Will try 2/5 scoops then then see how it goes.

What I do to make more is the following:

I put 500ml and 2 scoops in a blender. After blending it I divide this into 2 shakers which will then contain about 400ml each. Then I add extra water to each shaker till it reaches 500ml. And then i put it in the fridge for a night to thicken it up.

The result is 2 shakers full of Huel. Still 2 scoops but more water without the feeling of it being watery…
That’s how I create more without using more scoops and therefor adding more unwanted calories.

I’m not sure if I’m explaining this correctly but I hope you get it lol

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So you only have one scoop in each shaker?

Yes because I’m trying to lose weight and also because I’m tiny…

You could double the amounts of course. I would not recommend a 1 scoop ‘meal’ for a regular person or someone who doesn’t want to lose weight.

It’s about the principle. You can create more Huel without adding more scoops and without having it super watery.

It’s interesting, because it sounds like it would be super watery and horrible. But I’ve never tried it and I believe you. :smiley: I wonder if, because it thickens over time, it tricks your brain into feeling fuller than it should.

I also thought it would be super watery but it wasn’t. I think it is because my Nutribullet adds air in it because it’s a rather powerfull blender en it thickens up nicely in the Nutribullet already.

If you add water and the put in fridge it will have the same thickness as any other Huel shake in the morning. So this definitely tricks the brain and works brilliant for weight loss.

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I can’t say I’ve tried the method you mentioned, but I can’t seen how it works. I mean I use 100g (2 new scoops) and 500ml water and that is just right. I have used a Vitamix which is far more powerful than a nutribullet…and refrigerate overnight.

But yeah, I will try your method and see for myself as I don’t quite get it. I assume you are just using water and not some plant based milk with thickeners.

No just water, I didn’t use plant-based milks although that would also make it thicker. If you use your Vitamix, is your shake smooth and airy afterwards?

I have nothing in the fridge currently but if i have made a new batch I’ll make some pictures so you can see. But I am wondering now wether my sense of watery is the same as everyone else…

Let me know what you think if you have tried it.

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Your method does sound like witchcraft. Take one good shake, split it in half and dilute it, and you get two good shakes. Then split those in half and you get four, and keep splitting and you can feed the 5000.

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Yes, very smooth. To be honest I don’t normally use my Vitamix as I am happy with shaking it. When I started drinking Huel I always used a Vitamix, because I preferred it like that but now shaking is good. I don’t even get lumps in the newer versions.

Yep, will do. I am actually away at the moment so will try it with my vitamix when I get back next week.

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Reminds me of jezus with the bread and the fish :joy:

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Okay I think I got it thank you.
I will add 2 scoops in a 500 ml blender then divide it into to shakers 400ml and add more almond milk and leave it over night.

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I did it now it looks super watery so will see how it will be tomorrow :slight_smile:


If you have a blender try blending in some ice just before you drink it. This will add volume but provide a slightly denser texture.

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Try more scoops or pour am RTD over the granola!

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RTD over granola? What a splendid idea!