Can't drink enough Huel

I’m on day 3 of my new regime 3 x 3 scoops and 2 x 1 scoop plus an evening meal. I’ve had to reduce to 2-3 x 3 scoops as I’m just so full I can’t drink or eat enough. Will this pass and what should I do to get more calories?

At first I found it difficult to finish a 3 scoop meal as I found it to be filling very quickly. This passed and though it’s still filling, I can finish a meal. Blending things into huel is a good way to add calories, perhaps try a 2-scoop with half milk (or milk alternative), half water and some add ins- I’ve seen fruit and almond butter mentioned a lot on here. Then kick it up to 3 scoops when your body is more used to the huel. Or reduce the huel amount and add a healthy snack or a bigger evening meal while you’re getting used to it. It’s quite flexible really.

How you getting on now Tim - if you are still with us ?