Hi all,

I have been using Huel since April and I have to say that no matter which way i try to mix it up with 3 scoops be it almond milk or adding a banana i am still ravenous an hour later which results in more food =more calories. I am always mindful with regards choosing healthy options but I am gaining weight over all.

I think its a great product just not as a main meal unfortunately.

K x

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Umm weird to see it’s not working out for you. I find it very filling actually. Maybe try to drink it more slowly?

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Are you sure your cravings aren’t for something salty or sugar? I often have a craving for something salty after a Huel.

I found I was pretty hungry for a while as well. I wasn’t using enough water though, because I had wanted it sweeter and thought a milkshake consistency would help fill me. But with more water I found that it fills your stomach more, and I would drink water alongside it. Then once empty I would put a little more water in, shake it up and drink the rest that was left on the walls of the bottle. At that point I have a lot of volume inside me and found I was sated once that goes down thanks to the nutrition. Though I also discovered that 3 scoops is not quite 500 calories, and that often wouldn’t be enough for me, so I would go for 4 if its a proper sized meal.

Good luck!

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I would but I am in a job that I can’t really carry a shake around so I need to have it at lunch all at once…

K x


Nope… my stomach literally rumbles… I am going to try having a small salad with it…so at least it may fill me up bit more…

K x

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Do you like coffee?

I don’t! But I started drinking black coffee with a little Total Sweet added to take the edge off. Works as an appetite suppressant for me, makes going longer without food really easy (for me, at least). Plus 1-2 cups a day is shown to reduce the risk of getting things like Parkinson’s.

I found I’d get hungry with Huel. I started making them a little bigger, say 125g, but then drinking it quickly lead to me getting tired not long after. Breaking it down into 2 smaller shakes may work, but might not fit in with your schedule.

With the 3 scoops try drinking about a half of the shaker then top it up with water, give it another shake then drink the rest. The extra water fills you up stops you getting hungry as quickly. This worked for me.
The other thing I found that works even better is rather than having 3 x 3 scoops + a dinner a day I now have 4 x 2 scoops + a dinner a day, with the shaker topped up to 700ml. Less more often keeps me full all day.


Maybe 3 scoops are simply too little for you?

I am the exact same, and the one time I drank it in one go instead over over 30mins, I thought my intstines were going to blow up!

I find that hot cups of bovril/marmite take the edge off as it’s savory and you can drink as much as you like - seems to satisfy my brain that’s sending rumbling signals to my stomach!

I have found if I drink the shake too quickly I feel more hungry. I now slowly pace myself as if I were eating a meal. Like one of the other comments said about coffee, I mix my powder with a spoonful of fine coffee powder. The extra buzz at lunch time helps me stay full. It took some getting used to. The best I have found is to use the shaker as my water bottle at my desk, when I have lunch or a snack I add the powder. No one says anything about me eating at my desk.

You might want to try changing the consistency of the shake. I find that I get hungry earlier if I make it too thick, whereas my boyfriend prefers it that way. My perfect ratio is 100g Huel to 500ml water (or 80g Huel if the liquid is hot).

100/500 is my ratio too.

Hi There,

Yes but if i have more I will gain weight…( that’s why I don’t have any snacks).

I have gone back to it today but I had my shake very slow finishing around 9.15am and I am getting peckish.

I have lots of water and coffee…

I really want it to work as it is cost effective and I need results badly!

Will see how it goes and stick with it …giving myself a month.

K x

Yes this is what I use…

Also what do people do if they are hungry mid morning?

Obviously I don’t want to defeat the object and eat more as I want to lose weight but I often have a few slices ham mid morning as I get so hungry.

This probably isn’t the right ‘diet’ for me but I will see how it goes.

K x

There’s a few options, ham isn’t one of the better ones imo.

The thing about hunger is that you’ll easily forget about it if you find yourself something else to occupy you, one of the best things to do is get busy and the hunger will soon disappear.

If that doesn’t work try some of the following
Drink water
Drink Coffee
Eat a bit of fruit

But I think it’s important to look at how much you’re having, it’s easy to have some great intentions and want to go on a great diet, loose lot’s of weight and feel good. But sticking with it is not so easy (I know this from years of experience lol)

Instead of going from say 2500 calories to 1500 a day, I would suggest dropping it slowly. Maybe starting with 2500 of healthy foods instead of not so healthy and then dropping 100 cal every few days. Give your system and brain a chance to get used to the new system.

So if 3 scoops isn’t filling enough, maybe up the quantity. Weight it and start with 120g or 130g and then drop a gram every other day until you reach 100. By then hopefully you’ll find it easier to wait between meals

How much have you lost since april?

Try chucking in a load of pineapple or peaches then blending. That helps me when I’m really hungry.

Are you having Huel first thing as soon as you wake up?

Have you considered prebiotics and probiotics? There’s a war going on in everyone’s stomachs between good and bad bacteria. Even good food can contain lectin that kills good bacteria, to leave too much bad bacteria, signalling the brain to crave bad food!