Still hungry after 4 scoops!

Hi all,

Have 4 scoops at lunchtime but find myself snacking more, and despite others claims of feeling full, I been hitting the vending machine, something i rarely did when not on Huel, I’m not a big guy 10stone 4 5’10" so what gives?

How thick are you making it?
How quickly are you drinking it?

Hi Marcus,

I am making it mud thick lol. I tend to drinnk it fairly quickly. Though have also tried eeking it out but I’m usually hungry so tend tobe on the faster side.

It sounds like you could be dehydrated. How much are you drinking during the day?

Try bulking it out a bit with some fruit like a banana or some berries.

Give it a week or so, your body will adjust. Huel contains plenty of fibre, and protein which is satiating, plus and it’s low in sugar so there is no reason why your should be hungry.

Just ensure you are consume the right amount for you

And enough water.

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Exactly this. Might feel bloated whilst you adjust. There are some posts about adjusting to Huel I believe

Yes, it could actually be that your body is not used to a food that is this “slow release”.

I have the same problem. I have 3 scoops for lunch in 500ml of water. 1 hour later I’ve starving again craving anything. I usually have a piece of fruit which lasts me a couple of hours until I get hungry again.

Try sticking in milk with it?

I quite like that idea. Might try half water half milk. Should give it a bit more body I’d imagine?

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I add 300ml milk to 4 scoops and then top up with water. Works quite nicely. Gives it a creamier taste too!

3 scoops is only 482 cals, though. I don’t know you, but I have a suspicion that when you have a normal meal you have more calories than that. Men need about 2500 calories per day, so if you’ve been used to having 3 large meals per day, that would be about 833 calories per meal. But even if you’re used to having slightly smaller meals than that and having some snacks in between, it’s probably more than 482 calories per meal.

Try having 6 scoops in 600ml of water and see if you’re still hungry.

What variety are you using? I’m on UU v1.2 & find it a lot less satisfying than my 1st order of UU v1.1 which mixed up thicker & kept me fuller for longer… anyone else agree? Or is it just me!

I’m currently trying to clear the contents of my store cupboards, which I’m adding to Huel (whizzed up in the blender) I have found adding a heaped teaspoon of one of the following helps to satisfy…rolled oats / oat flakes, barley flakes, soya bran powder, Green Barley grass powder, milled linseeds or wheatgerm are what I’m using up. Obviously by adding extra bits to the mix though will be altering the nutritional intake but I can’t handle waste & these things in my kitchen cupboards need to go! Once they’re gone I’m hoping I’ll be adjusted to Huel & can come off the “topping up” that i’m indulging in. :confounded:

Thanks for the replies all, I have porridge with some fruit for breakfast, I added more water and didn’t feel as hungry this afternoon.

Avoiding milk as I’m intolerant to it.

Will keep going as I bought more with the new gluten free Huel.

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In the week days I’m currently doing three unflavoured scoops three times a day and I am hungry. Just have to be strong (and put up with being light headed). Breakfast I have just started adding a handful of frozen fruit and blending - that helps with the morning stint. Aldi do a large range of frozen fruit - the summer fruits make for a bitter Huel blend but the strawberries and mangos are pretty good. Mango produces a slightly fibrous consistency which adds to the bulk.

At weekends I Huel for breakfast and one other meal, depends on what we’re doing which one gets cut. Being harsh on myself to lose a bit of weight. When I started I was around 18 and a half stone and 6’2" - last I checked I’d lost about a stone and a half but scales are now broken so not checking anymore. I think I’m still 6’2" but who knows :slight_smile: