Max huel quantity in a shaker

What’s the max amount of scoops can you put in a standard huel shaker without it being too think to pour and drink?

Huel say 3 scoops for about 500 calories, I tried to double it once so I put 6 scoops in a full shaker and it was too thick to drink. Had to eat it with a spoon. So less then 6 is your answer.


I’m hoping 800 calories possible ill give a go

I’ve done 600 calories (150g) no problem in one shaker. Added it to 400ml water, mixed really well, then topped water up all the way to the spout.
It wasn’t too thick to drink it was okay.
I think 200g might be really thick!
Let us know the result :grin:

The main problem will be getting it to mix properly I think. If you have a blender, no problem at all.

I sometimes make 100g/400ml shakes and they are THICC but in a good way. 200g/800ml will be just the same, just with less room to mix properly.

I too make 100g/400ml shakes. More liquid than that makes them too thin and insipid tasting for me. Why not just make two 100g shakes?

I tried making a 100g shake but didn’t bother to use the “ice” grid in the shaker. I found out it was no “grate” shakes.


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I have had 5 scoops (scooped to differing densities, not weighed)and 450 mls of water in the suggested way of adding water then powder then water.

I just want to have to take one shaker with me already too much credo to lug about, been having 2 x rtd in work but feels expensive

I guess you could make a thick 4-scooper in there and add a bit of water after a few chugs, or just get used to a nice thick shake

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Using a blender with 200g huel / water and then topping up in the shaker with max water possible I have my 800 cals to go and not too thick at all :+1: