4 or more scoops at once

Can the shaker do 4 scoops? Would It work out to drink 4-5 scoops in one meal (May have to find a larger shaker or use blender)?

The 500 calories is too low for me. I have to drink about 4 shakes to break even at 2000, and a fifth to get to my goal of over 2000 calories for growth.

Drinking 4-5 shakes means having to mix and drink one every 3 hour hours, it gets very boring and feels like a chore having to mix a shake and clean the shaker that many times in the day. I’d prefer to drink at least 3 a day as opposed to 5.

You should prepare 1 big amount of Huel every day like 2 liters and a half and store it in the fridge

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According to the webpage for the shaker it has a 700ml capacity + “extra space in the lid”. 4 level scoops would be approximately 152g. Using the standard 1:5 ratio of Huel to water you would need 760ml of water, so the shaker is 60ml over capacity before you even put the Huel in, and then you need room to mix it all. So no.

You are however overlooking the fact that eating smaller and often is better for you than larger and less often. Drinking 5 400kcal shakes is better for you than drinking 3 666kcal shakes.

If you want to cut down on the prep time then do what @airiartev suggested and make up one big Huel at the start of the day (or night before) and decant it into smaller drinking vessels throughout the day.


As a satanist I only drink shakes of that size.


Is the only choice

I think you’d have to use a blender. You’d probably still have to do it in two sessions, but at least you’d only have to clean the blender out once.

You just had to, didn’t you? :smiling_imp:

I thought you were more of a 420 guy.


I live in Glastonbury…we even have a dedicated shop…I must be the only person who isn’t a 420 guy.



You even have a yearly festival to celebrate it, then.

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Everyday is cannabis celebration in Glastonbury. Believe it or not this is in an hour: https://glastonburyplg.com/december-2018/wed-12th-free-love-cannabis-hempathy/

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I have a 4 scoop shake every work day for lunch. Just make sure you only put about 200ml of water in the bottom of your shaker then your 4 scoops and then fill to the top before putting the lid on. You will have to shake it very vigorously for quite a while until your almost out of breath so it doesn’t go lumpy but it’s worth it :slight_smile:

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I had a friend do 6 scoops in one, it was more like a paste he was pouring down his throat at a slow motion rate… :joy:

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I bought a small blender, and I do 4 scoops by blending 2 scoops at a time. I transfer it from the blender to my Huel Shaker. In the end, I have 4 scoops worth of Huel in my shaker bottle. It is a lot more filling.