3 meals instead of 4 a day

Would it be possible to measure 2000kcal per day with 3 meals instead of 4 as Huel recommends? Would there be any downside to it?


If you want your 2000 kcal with 3 meals (that is 666 kcal per meal), that is 4,3 scoops per shake… which is too much for the provided shaker. So you have to prepare another skaker (or use a electric mixer, which I don’t have at work).
And if you want 700 or 710 kcal per meal, that’s almost 5 scoops, totally impossible with this shaker.
Question is: is it possible, with the current Huel formula, to have a more concentrate, more powerful, powder?

you can concentrate liquids but not solids…


To answer the original question, yes you can consume three meals per day not a problem it’s just a little tricky if you only use a shaker.

The only way to make the powder more concentrated would be to change the formula, which is not our plan.

The best solution as @Raymondcal said is to use a blender or two shakers. :smile:

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What I do is I make 2 blenders worth. This fills 2 shakers and 3 metal 500ml bottles. I consume that throughout the day and then have an evening meal.

A short while ago I was accurately weighing out my Huel, but recently I’ve got a bit lazy and slap-dash with it and just put 6 slightly heaped scoops in per blender. My weight’s not going up or down at the moment, so that’s probably about right. But if I was looking to gain or lose weight (or I notice that i start to accidentally lose or gain weight) then I’d do it more accurately.

I do three meals with a blender and the plastic shaker bottle; 200g for breakfast, drink it while I get ready to leave, make another 200g and take the bottle to work, drink it midday/afternoon, go home, 100g in the evening, bedtime. As long as you don’t leave too many hours between prep and drinking it, you don’t even need to refrigerate it, so that gets round any lack of apparatus at work. :slight_smile:

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I just tried a 4.3 scoop on a 700ml shaker and to be fair I actually quite liked it, super thick, feels more like “eating”.

I do drink LOADS of water everyday anyways, so I should be fine just doing three 4.3 scoop meals a day correct?

I have been making 3 meals a day but am wondering if I am doing something bad for my health by eating 3 meals instead of 4. In terms of nutritional absorption, does it make a difference to eat Huel 3 times a day or 4 times a day? Huel label recommends 4 or 5 meals per day.

I live on 100% Huel and am consuming 2000kcal per day, and am using my own blender & shaker that can accommodate the required portion sizes. Additionally, due to work pattern, I only eat between 10:00 and 18:00.

3 or 4 meals won’t make much different to health. Recent tradition is to eat 3 meals a day but lots of people will also have snacks in between, so in reality most people don’t just eat 3 meals. I have breakfast, lunch, evening meal, and evening snack (more often than not).