Newbie over here

Thinking of swapping to huel almost 100% so basically just looking for some tips and things to expect when switching.
Also wondering if anyone has an idea as to how many calories are in one of those huel shakers? That would be helpful!
Cheers guys!

Do it gradually rather than leap right in and make it most of your meal intake. Experiment with flavours to stop getting bored…probably don’t start with the unflavoured.

Three scoops of Huel and 500ml water in the shaker is around 450-480 calories.

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Thank you ever so much!
So would three scoops of the powder count as ‘one meal’ then??

Echoing what @hunzas says about easing in to 100% Huel. Remember that Huel isn’t intended for 100% use, but rather as a healthy convenience food - despite it being possible to use 100%

3 scoops is a good size meal for most. But if you find you need more then great, or less - equally great. Check out our detailed How-to guide to work out how much Huel you need.