Meal replacement calories

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I’m new here, newbie AF.

Unsure if I’ve completely missed what I’m looking for somewhere on the site or on a thread here…

I’m trying to use Huel as a replacement for lunch and the odd occasion breakfast as well.

What I can’t work out is how many scoops I need per meal. One scoop is circa 150cal so will need circa 3.3 scoops to get 500cals. Then 5 parts water: so about a ltr of water.

Is that right?! The flavour sachets state 500ml water for 3 scoops (U/U) which doesn’t equate to the above!!!

Help please!!!

Thanks in advance

Dunno where you got the 5 parts water, but 500ml is the standard for 3 scoops (300, add powder, shake, add 200). I tend to just do 300, add scoops then water til full.

Serving suggestion on the back of the packs! One scoop to five parts water

One part Huel to 5 parts water. Example, 100g of Huel and 500ml of water. Not 1 scoop to 5 parts water.

Hi, i use a kitchen scale, 100g of Huel and 500 ml water and that are 500kcal

Incorrect. 100g of flavoured Huel is 400kcal and 100g of U/U is 407kcal.

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The scoop being 70g/ml certainly doesn’t help!!! Why not make it 100g/ml

The scoop is circa 40 grammes.

Scoop is “38g” but clearly this depends on your enthusiasm! If you’re looking for precision then get the scales out - 1g = 4kcal. There is no such thing as a 100g scoop, every scoop would be different!

Sorry for the confusion on the pack regarding parts of water to Huel. It’s not clear and we’ve put a label into print has removed this. But yes 1g of Huel to 5ml of water. So 3 x 38g scoops to 570ml of water.

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The booklet I got with my first fuel order explains the scoop/calories and water measures.

That can’t be right. Hang on a mo.

Nope. I make it just over 7g. More to the point, no matter how hard I try to enthuse over or at the scoop I can’t get the value to change up or down!


Why is U/U more 0.0 ?

Because the flavour system accounts for some of the weigh of the product. U/U has no flavour so all of the 100g is Huel.