How many calories in one scoop of huel?

Hey hey, if i make up a huel with one scoop and 4 parts water, how many calories would this be?

Hi Andy,

In a level scoop (38g) of Huel there is 152.76 cals.

(100g = 402cal divided by 100 times by 38 = 152.76 cals) zero cals in water :slight_smile:

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Have the scoops changed size? As I’m not getting 38g of huel in a scoop. Just tried weighing it, getting much more than that?

Let me start by saying, I’m sure in the grand scheme of things 38g to 50g is not the end of the world, but given the number of scoops the small error is going to be carried across, is why I’m asking.

Here you can see, 4 different scoops. (apologies @Andyk yes I do have 4 scoops of my very own!)

All more than 38g. I can’t seem to only get 38g in one?

Any suggestions if the scoops not changed size? (what size is the scoop, might source a smaller one.)

When I weigh a level thing of Huel, it tends to be around 40-42g of Huel.

Thanks @speart_2000 thats about the same as me (on average) . If I push a little in the scoop to get rid of any air pockets a little more.

So has the scoop got 4g bigger?