Scoop size/weight loss

Hi this may sound really stupid… here goes.

I would like to be making a huel drink containing 400 calories which I have read is around 2.5 scoops? Could you confirm this?

My problem is is that is a scoop a levelled off scoop, packed down so the air is removed or a heaped scoop. Sorry to get so specific!


400 calories is 100g of huel.
It’s best to weigh it if you need to be exact.

But until you get kitchen scales, one scoop, if you pack it in then level it off is about 40g.
So yes, 2.5 scoops is 400 calories.
It’s pretty difficult to get it that accurate though, especially the half scoop!


A few calories here and there though isn’t gonna make much difference.

Depends really. If you heap the scoops you could easily make a 600 calorie shake instead of 400… and if you’re a short-arse like me, 200 calories is 15% of my daily allowance so quite a lot

Edit: saying that though… I don’t calorie count. I do weigh my huel though. I just don’t count the rest of my calories. I probably should. Then I might actually lose some weight!

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Perfect thank you!

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At least you’re honest with yourself and not in denial, that’s really refreshing. :slight_smile:

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