Recommending 5:1 ratio, yet 500ml to 3 scoops is not 5:1?

So I just got Huel for the first time. I saw on the bag it recommends to use it in a 5:1 ratio, with a scoop being 70 mL. The shaker bottle is only a 700 mL bottle, so if you wish to keep the 5:1 ratio, you should be using only about 2 scoops plus the 700 mL of water, yet later watched the how to prepare Huel video, which says to use 3 scoops for 500 mL of water??? 210 mL to 500 mL is closer to a 2:1 ratio than a 5:1. Whats the deal?

P.S. if you were to consume 4 cups of the Huel powder every day, you would only have 3.5 days of meals per each bag??? Can somebody shed some light on my confusion? Everything seems to vague

I could be wrong ( it’s been known to happen) but I taken the 5:1 ratio to be by mass not volume.

I use 124g of Huel to 620g of water for a 500kcal serving. (124*5= 620)

1g of water is 1ml of water so 620ml.

1 scoop is 38g.

So 2 scoops would be 76g and 380ml water
3 scoops would be 114g and 570ml water
4 scoops would be 152g and 760ml water.

3.5 days per bag sounds about right assuming 2000 kcal of Huel each day.


500ml of water to 100g of Huel, there’s your 5:1 :slight_smile:

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This also tripped me up for the first week. I said to myself “ignore that 5:1 suggestion” for that week before realising it didn’t mean 500ml for 1scoop. :joy: Maybe the booklet/packaging can be more explicit? Maybe I didn’t read properly.

From my experience with my friends, we all found our own preferred ratio anyway, but I’d hate 500ml of water and 1 scoop of huel to put someone off the product.