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So I’m curious.

The shaker is 700ml, so is it designed for 2 scoops or 3.

Is there an easy ml of water per scoop ?

I know the guide is saying 400ml, then 3 scoops, then add 170ml, so 570ml for 3 scoops.

However if I do the rather more simple, one scoop of huel, 5 scoops of water, so 15 scoops of water for the 3 scoops, the shaker is overflowing.

So is it really 5:1 as 1 scoop huel 5 scoops water seems to be more than a shaker (700ml will take)

One scoop needs about 170ml liquid…depending on how thick you like it.

I personally use scales and have 100g Huel with 500ml liquid

5ml of water: 1g of Huel. Apologies for the confusion, I’m in the process of getting booklet reprinted with the amendment making the ratios more clear. To clarify the ratios don’t refer to scoops.

3 scoops per 570ml
114g per 570ml
114 x 5 = 570.

Hope that explains that there is method to our madness!

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[quote=“TimOfficialHuel, post:3, topic:7964”]Sprt
3 scoops per 570ml

Sort of. Doesn’t explain why the shakers don’t have 170/340/570 etc marked on them. I’d really like to see a scoop scale on the side. I appreciate that I might want to reduce or add to that, but as a start, it would be very useful.

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The shaker is off the shelf, not bespoke to us. I agree that would be useful though. If we create our own shaker then I think that would be a great scale to have up the side. Currently it does have 50ml increments so you can be fairly precise.

Really interesting thoughts

Why are people so fussy ??

Every one of us likes their own measurements and mix slightly different, having marks at certain levels for each of our preferences would use a lot of printing ink !

For me … 400ml (approx) and 2 scoops (approx)
IF I really wanted to be exact I would measure using scales OR put my own marks on the shaker !

Come on people … it’s not rocket science and we aren’t at a science laboratory when we mix our Huel … it’s not THAT critical is it ?..Maybe I will add one more grain of Huel … oops too much !!


Hadn’t realised that trying to improve something for new people made me fussy.

You’ve found the way you like Huel, that’s great. I was trying to go on what the instructions say. You can have your huel one scoop per litre of water if you like. However it’s a good baseline to start with what’s recommended. Which is a ratio of 5:1 which as I pointed out, given you’re only given scoops or a shaker to work from would be good to help new people with.

Given that nutirician is studied for space travel, it is rocket science. You can use flour like powder to fire rockets, more rocket science. Finally ratios are not about grains of huel, they are about making the experience for someone who is trying huel for the first time as easy as possible surely?

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It wasn’t a dig at you at all ! Please don’t take offence !
And I don’t think you can compare space travel with us mere mortals taking a powdered meal replacement

It was a generic comment at all of us being fussy saying ‘I take so many ml and so much powder which is carefully weighed out’ etc etc
Then someone with their mixture and saying they needed different measurements scoops and marked shakers

Each of us is different, have differing needs and tastes … and we surely can work out using the two major ingredients (water and powder) what we as individuals prefer … (and a scoop is an approximation unless all the voids in the powder are eliminated)
if we want to try anything to add flavour that’s our own personal choice …
there really no wrong or right way !
I found what I prefer NOW, next week/month I may try something different ?
Some people take things way to seriously!


I think the issue is, huel is strange and new when you first try it. Most other “powders” say you must mix xx ml of water, with this pack.

So for new users, making it easy for them to get the middle ground is I think pretty important, as you say after that, more or less water makes no odds other than texture. But if you follow the instructions in the book and try for a 5:1 ratio, you add 3 scoops to the shaker and then 15 scoops of water…it’s a mess :slight_smile:

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