Newbie issues lol

Hi everyone! Three days into Huel and the main issue im having is with mixing. I’m using My shaker and adding three scoops to the recommended amount of liquid and giving it a good shake. I’m getting large lumps of powder still so when I drink it its really not nice. The only way round this is to put it in my smoothie maker which is ok but not any good if I want to make a fresh one while at work or out and about. Ideas anyone? :):grinning:

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Put in about half of the liquid first, then your 3 scoops, shake vigorously, then top up with the remaining liquid

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Thanks for the reply Ryan. Yeh thanks I am doing that already. Maybe I’m just not shaking it enough ?

Hmmm… perhaps… I usually make mine with 400ml of cold water and 2 scoops of Vanilla Huel, and I find that when using the regular Huel shaker I don’t need to shake particularly vigorously. I get a couple of small lumps but nothing unpleasant

I use the Huel-approved way like RyanT and have no clumps. I’d say, shake it harder :wink:


Are you shaking in all directions? I get very few lumps even when not using the mixer ball. I used to use the grid (ice-barrier) but don’t bother any more.

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I just made one and realised I give mine a little swirl before I get my shake on… it must be a subconscious part of the ritual!

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Swirling it first stops powder getting stuck inside the lid :wink:


I do a few side to side shakes first to achieve the same thing. Especially useful when a spoonful of fb is on top of the powder.

I’m making it using the guidelines on the packet. So that’s three scoops in 400ml of water. Shake vigorously then add another 200ml and shake some more. How come you are only using two scoops?

Thanks. I will try doing that today :slight_smile:

Ahhh That sounds plausible!! Ill try that today. Thank you .

You can vary the number of scoops to meet your calorie/nutritional goals. I usually have 2 scoops for breakfast and 3 for lunch. On the rare occasion I have Huel for an evening meal I might have 4 scoops. Other people may it do it differently. The big advantage of Huel for me is that it’s flexible, you can choose how much you have to meet your goals.


Mixer ball works best for me - the heavier the gauge the better (see link below - others are available).

Can also recommend the swirl method and shaking it like your arms will fall off. Make sure the lids properly and hold the flip top with finger or thumb while shaking - don’t want it turning into ‘Huel’s’ Kitchen.

Mixer Balls

I have never managed to use shaker even with shaker ball and have no lumps. I have to use a blender.

I have one of those mixer balls in each shaker. They are excellent.

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Weird. I use a huel shaker and 50 50 vanilla and unflavoured. Pour in 300ml of water 100g huel shake for no more than 30 seconds. Add 200m water. Shake about 5 or 6 times. Stick in fridge. Shake about 5 times before drinking. No lumps at all. The only time i may get a few lumps is if i add peanut butter powder. In older revisions of huel i did get small lumps which i quite liked. Now none. Either my technique has improved over 3 years or others are doing it wrong.

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I think there’s a big difference in what we consider giving it a “good shake”. I pour in 400ml water 100g Huel and shake. Add more water and shake again. Never had an issue with lumps.

A friend of mine complained she was getting a lot of big lumps in hers. One day we were making our Huel together, she started shaking the Huel bottle. What she considered to be vigously shaking, had more of a resemblence to the motion of moving you hands gently up and down something else entirely…

Solution: I had her to plant both feet firmly in the ground with a slight bend in the knees. Tighten her core hard, grab the shaker with both hands and shake like her life depended on it.
Result: Lump free Huel.
Bonus: Shaking Huel gives her a bit of a workout :grin:

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I’ve got to say, a blender does the job for me. The shaker didn’t work properly.

You could also add hot coffee to vanilla flavour if that’s what you use. I think that helps if I remember rightly.

I just use the shaker and I’ve never been able to get it completely smooth or anything to be honest.