Lumps, lumps and more lumps

I need help, I’ve tried blending it, shaking it for several minutes, using a whisk ball inside my shaker, but no matter what I can’t get the lumps out. I can blend it for ages and with 500ml of water and only 1 scoop of huel there are still lumps. I wanna enjoy this product but I can’t right now the lumps are disgusting.


That sounds a bit odd… what kind of blender are you using? Mine takes about 5-10 seconds and no lumps.

Also what kind of Huel are you using?

Huel has a natural gritty texture. It doesn’t matter how much you shake or blend it will always have this gritty feel in your mouth. Personally I like it but some would prefer the texture of a smoothie. The ready to drink is a smooth product but it is a different product with different ingredients.

The shaker bottles with a ball inside I don’t think are very good. I always get lumps when I use those ones. The Huel shaker with the grid in the top bashes the lumps up so I rarely get lumps with that shaker.


shaker balls to work well really need the cup to have a spherical base so they work really well in things like BlenderBottle and ShakeSphere but not so much with the flat bottomed Huel one. I’ve used both of these with and without the ball and without was still very lumpy but with eliminated all the lumps completely.

you find sometimes that in a blender that you get clumps stuck to the side of the jug in a circle where you added it to the water so I normal give it a quick whizz then use a spoon to go around the edge of the jug to dislodge them and then blend it for a few more seconds on high speed.

have to ask the question - you are adding the Huel Powder last after the water right? this rule applies whether you are using a shaker or blender.

That is odd.

@Phil_C is right - water in first, then the powder. I’ve never used a blender, I just shake. Here are my top tips…

  1. When you come to screw the top on, screw it the WRONG way first, until it clicks, then turn the RIGHT way until it’s tight. This avoids cross-threading the thing, which can lead to having to redecorate the damn kitchen.

  2. To shake, turn it horizontal. I find I can get more power in the back ‘n’ forth that way than I can vertically. Ten seconds is fine.

  3. After adding the second (for me, small) amount of water through the spout, click closed and shake horizontally for another ten seconds.


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I’ve never thought of it before but I do actually shake it horizontally too and no lumps. I don’t think it matters so tomorrow will try vertically…in early Huel versions I did get lumps and to be honest quite liked them. But now my Huel drinks are smooooooooth

I think I’ll buy the bars from now on. I think coup was right about it being naturally gritty I never realised. Thanks for the tips though everyone.


if you live anywhere near a Sainsbury’s (or online through Ocado if not) - you can pick up singles of some of the flavours of bars and Ready to Drink bottles (smoother than powder shakes) to try out to see how you like them before committing to larger purchases.

That doesn’t match my experience. I put 500 ml ow water in my shaker, add 2 scoops of powder, put the grid thing on top and then shake for 10 seconds or so. I then leave to stand for about a minute while I put stuff away. Give one final little shake and then drink. I don’t get any lumps at all. I’m using the latest V3 powder and the stock shaker you get in the box.

I don’t use a blender or leave in the fridge over night or any of that stuff.