Shaker Questions

How am I suppose to do this?. The first time, the contents leaked everywhere as soon as I started shaking, and the cap was screwed on tight. After I finally got it shaked up, the Huel was very lumpy (almost all lumps)/.

Also what is the plastic mesh for?, right now I’m using it to drink the Huel without clumps.

Either you have a faulty shaker or you didn’t have the lid on properly or the cap wasn’t pushed down.

Once you’ve got that sorted, this is how to get smooth Huel:

Also, did you follow the instructions about putting liquid in the shaker first and Huel second? My flatmate missed that part when he made up his first shake and the result wasn’t great…

Exactly! Huel shakers don’t come with a mixer ball tho eh?

This is key also, else the powder gets stuck at bottom and does congeal

I’ve managed to get it working, btw do I take the plastic mesh thing out after I’ve shaken it or leave it in there?

I’m also wandering how to make it… congestible? it tastes ok but thick is to dry and liquid feels… like I should be chewing it first…

You can leave the mesh thing, has no bearing on drinking, just messy to remove unless you’re washing it.
Consistnecy is a matter of preference, add more liquid if you prefer - I have mine quite thin as I’m only on one 50g scoop at mo for meals I’m replacing (alongside food).

99p on eBay, free delivery:

It’s fine to leave the mesh in it. :slight_smile:
It does have some bits in, which make my partner want to chew it but doesn’t bother me. People who have this issue often find blending it makes it much nicer. The most convenient ways to do that are either to blend a big batch in a jug blender and drink it all day, or for single-servings, there’s a breville blender at the moment that blends it in a bottle, so you blend it and then pick the bottle up and go. A stick/immersion blender works too but they’re not as convenient to clean after.

Will a brillo pad do the trick?

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