So chunky

I’ve bought Huel a few times, but I don’t think I will ever again. It is SOOOOOOOOOOOO chunky unless you use a blender. It is so frustrating, and I’m considering switching to a different brand. “New smoother texture” oh my god it’s SO chunky!!! I shake for 20 minutes and there’s huge clumps stuck to the side! I’m so done!

using a shaker ball in the shaker gets rid of all the clumps but yes, I prefer using a blender as its much creamier and thicker if you do it that way. are you putting the powder in first or last BTW?

If you are using a Huel shaker, are you putting the grid in under the lid?

Hello Taur, could I suggest my technique? It’s not perfect but seems to provide fairly-decent results for my simple tastes :smiley:

  • Quarter fill the shaker cup with water
  • Add Huel on top
  • Top up your shaker cup with water - a bit higher than usual; the level will drop as the Huel is absorbed into the water
  • Pop the grid into the top of the shaker cup and pop the lid on
  • Shake vigorously (bitter experience has taught me to keep a finger over the lid-flap-thinger lest it pop off and redecorate the ceiling again…).

Hope that helps a bit?

If time allows, an hour in the fridge and then another quick shake before drinking is never a bad idea.

Bw :slight_smile:


Using a metal spiral in your shaker also helps.
If you’re still not satisfied there are USB-powered blenders.
Another possibility would be using Black Edition - it’s a bit more expensive, but higher in protein and gives a better texture (according to my impression).

Some great suggestions posted here already!

A couple of my own suggestions:

  • Water, then Powder, then grid, then lid. Always.
  • Blending will inevitably make it much smoother, but of course we don’t all have a blender to hand.
  • Refrigerating overnight once shaken or even for a couple of hours can help reduce lumps.
  • Shaking with ice is key! Ice cubes can help break down the lumps while you’re shaking as well as making it refreshingly cold.
  • Some people find the texture is smoother if they use milk or milk alternatives. This also makes a much creamier taste and texture in general.
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It’s all in the wrist action.

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